Kiss From a Rose by Seal There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea You became the light on the dark side of me Love remained a drug that's the high And not the pill But did you know That when it snows My eyes become large And the lig
Vaccumkiss 真空之吻,英文译作:sucking the air out of one's partner's mouth and lungs French kiss 法式之吻,英文译作:kiss with your mouth open and your tongues touching Platonickiss 柏拉图之吻,英文译作:short kiss on the cheek for greeting blow/throw a kiss ...
也许有些时候,我们过多的看重物质上的礼物,似乎只有那些看得见摸得着的可以换算为金钱的东西才是值得珍惜的。也许我们忽视了人生了本质,忘记了所谓"物质"只是介质而已。珍惜生命给与你的非物质财富吧,那才是永恒的。 The story goes that some time ago, a man punished h ...
Could I Have This Kiss Forever by Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias Over and over I look in your eyes You are all I desire You have captured me I want to hold you I want to be close to you I never want to let go I wish
英国研究人员称,他们惊讶的发现吃巧克力比热烈的亲吻更能让人兴奋。心理学家大卫•刘易斯说,“研究结果让我们很惊讶,同时也引起了我们的兴趣。” ,新闻翻译