Today by Gary Allan Today He told her that he loved her Put a ring around her finger And promised her forever together Today She smiled for all the pictures And he was right there with her Making all the memories Without me And it hurts to
Never Had A Dream Come True by S Club 7 Everybody’s got something they had to leave behind One regret from yesterday that just seems to grow with time There’s no use looking back or wondering How it could be now or might have bee
Promises Don't Come Easy by Caron Nightingale I should have known all along There was something wrong I just never read between the lines Then I woke up one day And found you on your way Leaving nothing but my heart behind What can I do to
陈冠希发布会现场英文原文: Today I've come back to Hong Kong to stand before you, and account for myself, I've never escaped away from my responsibility.During the past few weeks, I've been with my mother, and my family, and love ones, to show sup
影片对白 Lureen: Hello. Ennis: Hello, this is Ennis Del Mar. Ah… Lureen: Who? Who is this? Ennis: Ennis Del Mar. I'm an old buddy of Jack's. Lureen: Jack used to mention you. You're the fishing buddy or the hunting buddy, I kn
影片对白 Jack: All this time and you ain't found nobody else to marry? Ennis: I’ve been puttin' the blocks to a good-lookin' little gal over in Riverton. She's a waitress. Wants to go to nursing school or somethin'. I d
影片对白 Cassie: What do you think? Your daddy ever gonna see fit to settle down again? Alma Jr.: Don't know. Maybe he's not the marrying kind. Cassie: You don't think so? or you don't think I'm the one for him? Alma Jr.: You
影片对白 LaShawn: And then I pledged Tri Delt at SMU. And I sure never thought I'd end up in a poky little place like Childress. Then I met old Randall here at an Aggie game and he was an animal husbandry major. So we've been here for a month a
影片对白 Ennis: What are we supposed to do now, huh? Jack: Get on in there and untangle 'em Chilean sheep out of ours, I guess. Jack: Oh, where is it? Shit! God, half the goddamn paint brands havewore off! Ennis: We gotta try. The least we can do is
影片对白 Aguirre: Up on Brokeback, theForest Service has got designated campsites on the allotments. Them camps can be 3, 4 miles from where we pasture the woollies. Bad predator loss if there's nobody lookin' after 'em at night. Now, what