Lingerie is displayed in the new Playboy store in central London September 19, 2007.(Agencies) Sales of sultry lingerie among older women are booming in Britain thanks to the glamorous 40-somethings of "Sex and the City 2" and "Co
作为世界上出生率最低的国家之一,日本近几年不断推出鼓励生育的举措。近日,日本东京某区的区长决定下个月带头回家休产假,希望能够体会到养育孩子的重要性和可能遇到的困难,并为广大男士树立榜样,鼓励他们参与到养育孩子的具体工作中。日本法律规定夫妻中的任何一方可在产后 ...
现年44岁的韩国女登山云队员吴银善于4月27日在尼泊尔登顶世界第十高的安娜普尔纳峰,成为全世界首位征服了全部14座8000米以上高峰的女性,也是到目前为止,成功登顶这14座高峰第20名登山队员。首位完成此项壮举的登山家是意大利的雷诺•梅斯纳。高8091米的安娜普尔纳峰被 ...
Rah! Rah! Rah! Cheerleaders pep up dour Japan Members of a seniors' cheerleading group called "Japan Pom Pom" perform on stage at the All Japan Cheerleading and Dance Championship in Chiba, east of Tokyo, last month.(Agencies) Jap
Japan astronaut gets designer 'space suit' An illustration of an outfit made by Japanese fashion design Tae Ashida for astronaut Naoko Yamazaki, who is on a mission to the the International Space Station (ISS). Ashida put together
Visitors take a close look at blooming "Ookanzakura" cherry blossoms at Shinjuku park in Tokyo March 18, 2010. (Agencies) Spring has begun, and so has Japan's obsession with cherry blossoms. The pale pink blossoms or "sakura"
Taking the train in Japan and want to avoid annoying fellow passengers? Keep conversation to a whisper, turn down your iPod and put your cellphone on vibration mode, a recent survey by the railway association showed. Many foreigners who ride on Japan
A new Facebook craze is sweeping the social networking site, where woman give details of their bra colour, to help raise awareness for breast cancer. Thousands of female users - and some male ones - began updating their statuses on Friday with “beig
More than a quarter of British women believe fitting into an old pair of jeans again would feel better than sex, according to research. More than a third (35 per cent) of those surveyed admitted owning a pair of "trophy" jeans they used to
Japanese Emperor Akihito turned 76 on Wednesday, wishing his people an early economic recovery in the coming year and voicing hope that the country would not be crippled by a resurgent swine flu pandemic. "The first thing that comes to my mind i