achieve common prosperity
  沿着有中国特色的社会主义道路阔步前进 take great strides along the road to
  socialism with Chinese characteristics
  摇头丸 dancing outreach
  依法收税 levy taxes according the law
  一次付清 pay in full
  一次消费 one-time-consumption
  一次成像照片 a Polaroid picture
  一次偿还信贷 non-installment
  一次性杯子 sanitary cup
  一次性筷子 disposable chopsticks
  一次性收入 lump-sum payment
  一次用包装 non-returnable container
  一次性汇款 lump-sum payment
  一次性拖鞋 disposable slippers
  一蹶不振的B股市场 a sluggish B-share market
  以经济建设为中心 take economic construction as the central task
  隐形就业 unregistered employment; veiled re-employment
  隐形眼镜 contact lens
  有价证券投资 portfolio investment
  拥军优属 preferential treatment for families of servicemen and martyrs