烹调术 cookery
  色、香、味 color, aroma and taste
  佐料 seasoning
  刀功 slicing technique
  清炒 plain-frying
  煸 stir-frying
  爆 quick-frying
  炸 deep-frying
  煎 pan-frying
  焙 roasting
  清蒸 steaming
  氽 quick-boiling
  熏 smoking
  腌 salting
  食谱 recipe
  回锅肉 twice-cooked pork slices in brown sauce
  炸猪排 fried pork chop
  北京烤鸭 roast Beijing duck
  什锦炒蔬 stir-fried mixed vegetables
  酸辣汤 hot and sour soup
  鸡茸蘑菇汤 cream of mushroom with chicken
  主食 staple food
  馒头 steamed bread
  米饭 steamed rice
  扬州炒饭 Yangchow fried rice
  冷面 cold noodle
  炒米粉 fried ground rice noodles
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