public housing
  全球变暖 global warming
  全面投产开工 go into (enter ) full operation; be full operation; be fully
  拳头产品 knockout product or competitive product
  缺少流动资金 a shortage of circulating funds (floating capital)
  裙带经济 crony economy
  人才 competent people; trained personnel; experts; specialists
  人才市场 the personnel market
  人均国民生产总值达到中等发达国家水平 The average per-capita GNP will reach
  the standard of moderately developed countries.
  人民币对美圆汇率稳定 the stability of RMB exchange rate against USD
  人民币贬值的压力 the devaluation pressure on RMB
  人均住房 per-capita housing
  日经指数跌至今年最低点 the Nikkei Index fell to a record low for the year.
  融资 financing; fund-raising
  三角恋爱 love triangle
  三角债 chain debts
  三陪服务 escort service
  傻瓜相机 Instamatic INSTA(NT)+(AUTO)MATIC