1. From the passage we understand that tour operators and travelers will be interested in the submerged hotel as _________.
(A) it is a quiet place for research work
(B) it is an ideal sea-food restaurant
(C) it will offer new possibilities
(D) it will have unchanging weather
2. What design was finally considered most suitable for the new hotel?
(A) Three separated circles.
(B) Three linked discs.
(C) Three connected globes.
(D) Three interlocked cylinders.
3. The hotel would be able to float under water because it would be _______.
(A) made of light material
(B) 350 tons in weight
(C) filled with air
(D) attached to pylons
4. It is planned that sleeping quarters will be provided for the guests in the ________.
(A) second structure
(B) second and third structures
(C) first and third structures
(D) third structure
5. The purpose of television monitors under the sea would be to relay ________.
(A) instructions from the sea bed to the shore
(B) news from the shore to the sea bed
(C) information from the world to the sea bed
(D) information to the world from the sea bed
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