Key Sentence:Israel suffers its bloodiest day yet after two weeks of combat while it levels a ten-story building in Tyre and Hezbollah lobs more than 100 rockets into Israel. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is under siege from foreign diplomats as talks on stopping the warfare go nowhere.

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MCCAIN: You know I think what it's really all about, Larry, is an extension
 of the war on terror. You've got a state-sponsored terrorist organization, i.e. Hezbollah and Hamas but Hezbollah we're talking about now, who has been trained and equipped by the Iranians.

I do not believe Hezbollah would have attacked into Israel without the encouragement of the Iranians. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards are training Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

So, when you get a terrorist organization that is supported by a radical
 Islamic state, like Iran, then you get a very, very potent kind of situation. So, I view it as an extension of this war against radical Islamic extremism which we're going to be involved in for a long, long, time.

KING: Senator, Tom Friedman, a very bright op-ed columnist in The New York Times says today, "Wonder what planet" -- "One wonders what planet Secretary of State Rice landed on from thinking she can build an international force to take charge in south Lebanon without going to Damascus(大马士革,叙利亚首都) and trying to bring the Syrians(叙利亚人) onboard." How do you respond to that?

MCCAIN: Well, there's nobody I have more respect for than Tom Friedman. In this case, there's plenty of ways to communicate with the Syrians. Remember the Syrians were never adequately punished for their assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri and they have been helping both terrorists in Iraq, as well as support for Hezbollah.

In all due respect to Tom Friedman, I think there are lots of ways to communicate and Tehran is where most of this is emanating from. And, finally I do believe that we could  assemble
 an international force and that's what's going to be required because Hezbollah cannot continue to control southern Lebanon.

KING: Secretary Rice continues to say in Rome that a ceasefire -- no ceasefire unless it's sustainable. How do you know any ceasefire is sustainable?

MCCAIN: It probably isn't. We've had them in that area in the past. But I think there's one thing you can be certain of, Larry, and that is that if we allowed a ceasefire that kept Hezbollah(黎巴嫩真主党) in place(解释断语并造句), how long would it be before they got the go ahead from the Iranians and started raining rockets down onto Israel again? That's why it's important to enforce the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559, which said Hezbollah has to be  disarmed.

Now, if the Lebanese people want Hezbollah as a political force I guess that's their choice but for Hezbollah to control parts of their country without the consent of the Lebanese people is something that untenable and the threat that they continue to face as far -- that they continue to present to the state of Israel.

kept Hezbollah(黎巴嫩真主党) in place
in place有“适当地”之意,此处从上下文看是“黎巴嫩真主党仍在位”的意思

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