Step 1 ~ Text ~

SAM: What are you going to do with that vase, Penny?

PENNY: I'm going to put it on this table, Sam.

SAM: Don't do that. Give it to me.

PENNY: What are you going to do with it?

SAM: I'm going to put it here, in front of the window.

PENNY: Be careful! Don't drop it! Don't put it there, Sam. Put it here, on this shelf.

SAM: There we are! It's a lovely vase.

PENNY: Those flowers are lovely, too.










Step 2~ Notes on the text ~

What are you going to do with that vase, Penny? 你打算怎么处理那花瓶?

do with 指对某件事物或人的处理。

Be careful! 小心点!


Don't do that. 不要放在那儿。

在英文中需用祈使语气来表示直接的命令、建议等多种意图。而祈使句的否定式则由Don't(或Do not)+动词原形构成,又如课文中的Don't drop it!(别摔了!)等句子。(请参见本课语法部份。)

Give it to me. 把它给我。

在第21课有give me a book这样的句型,在本课中又出现了give it to me的句型。

在动词give后面可以有两个宾语:即直接宾语(指物,如a book,it)和间接宾语(指人,如me)。如果直接宾语置于动词give之后,间接宾语之前则带to。再比较一下下列句式:

1. Show her the magazine. 给她那本杂志。

    Show it to her. 把它给她。

2. Give me that knife. 给我那把小刀。

    Give it to me. 把它给我。

3. Send him the tetter. 送给他这封信。

    Send it to him. 把它送给他。

4. Give me the newspapers. 给我报纸。

    Give them to me. 把它们给我。

in front of 在……前面

有别于in the front of 在……的前部

The teacher is in front of the classroom. 那个老师在教室的前面。(指教室外面的前面)

The teacher is in the front of the classroom. 那个老师在教室的前面。(指教室里面的前面)

There we are! 就放在那里!


Step 3 ~ Grammar in use ~


形式为Don't(或Do not)+ 动词原形,如:

Don't wait! 别等了!

Don't speak to me like that! 别那样跟我讲话!

使用祈使句时,重音、语调、手势和面部表情,尤其是情境和上下文,都说明这种形式用于表示是否友好、不客气、愤怒、不耐烦、有说服性等。一般而言,祈使句的否定式通常用Don't 来表示,完整形式Do not主要用于正式文告中。

Step 4 ~ Word study ~

drop v.


Be careful! Don't drop it! 小心!别摔了!

She droped her knife and fork and hurried to answer the phone. 她放下刀叉赶紧去接电话。


Tears droped from her face. 泪珠从她的脸上滑落。


He droped his voice. 他把声音放低了些。

Yesterday the temperature droped to 8ºC below zero. 昨天气温下降到了摄氏零下8度。

send v.


She is going to send a letter to her sister. 她准备给她的姐姐寄封信。

I'll send him a present. 我将给他送去一件礼物。


He sent his secretary for a doctor. 他派他的秘书去请医生了。

Her mother often sends her to the store for some groceries. 她母亲经常差遗她去商店买些杂货。

Step 5 ~ Exercises ~

一、Read the situations. What do you say in each? 根据以下情景写出你应该说的话。(必做)

 You want to warn someone to be careful. What do you say?

 You are afraid that someone is going to drop some plates. Begin: ' Don't ...' .

二、Rewrite these sentences. 模仿例句改写以下句子。(选做)


Put on your coat!

I'm going to put it on.

Put on your shoes!

I'm goint to put them on.

1. Put on your hat!

2. Take off your shoes!

3. Turn on the taps.

4. Trun off the light!

5. Put on your suit!

6. Take off your hat!

7. Turn on the lights!

8. Turn off the television!

9. Turn off the lights!

10. Turn on the stereo!

三、Rewrite these sentences. 模仿例句改写以下句子。必做)


Give me that vase. Give that vase to me.

 Send Geogre that letter.

 Take her those flowers.

 Show me that picture.

 Give Mrs. Jones these books.

 Give the children these ice creams.

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