Step 1 ~ Text ~

It is a fine day today.

There are some clouds in the sky, but the sun is shining.

Mr. Jones is with his family.

They are walking over the bridge.

There are some boats on the river.

Mr. Jones and his wife are looking at them.

Sally is looking at a big ship.

The ship is going under the bridge.

Tim is looking at an aeroplane.

The aeroplane is flying over the river.












Step 2 ~ Notes on the text ~

It is a fine day today. 今天天气好。

句中的it是指天气。又如:Is it cold today? No, it isn't.今天冷吗?不,不冷。

some clouds 几朵云

some既可修饰可数名词,也可修饰不可数名词。如:some tables 一些椅子(可数名词),some milk 一些牛奶(不可数名词)

There are some clouds in the sky, but the sun is shining. 天空中飘着几朵云,但阳光灿烂。


Mr. Jones is with his family. 琼斯先生同他的家人在一起。


They are waking over the bridge. 他们正在过桥。

 句中的over 有“穿过”的意思。又如:

The aeroplane is flying over the river. 飞机正在河上飞过。

The birds are flying over the house. 鸟儿在屋上飞过。


The sky is over our heads. 天空在我们头顶上。

There are some boats on the river. 河上有几艘船。

句中on意为“在……上面”(接触表面)。又如:There is a book on the table. 桌上有一本书。

The ship is going under the bridge. 那船正从桥下驶过。

句中under意为“在……下面(或下方)”。如:There is a dog under the tree. 树下有只狗。


Step 3 ~ Grammar in use ~



what are the cooks doing? Are they washing dishes? 这些厨师在干什么?在洗盘子吗?

No, they aren't washing dishes. They're cooking. 没有,他们没在洗盘子。他们正在烹饪。


Step 4 ~ Word study ~

jump v.


They are jumping a ditch. 他们正跃过一个深沟。

They jumped off the wall and ran off. 他们从墙上跳下去跑掉了。


He jumped the first grade in collage. 他跳过大学一年级(指跳级直接升入二年级)。


They jumped the registration fees from £20 to £50. 他们把注册费从20英镑涨到50英镑。

His company's profits jumped surprisingly last year. 他所在公司去年的利润令人惊异地飞速增加。


 v. 睡觉

He sleeps for only 4 hours every night. 他每夜只睡4个小时。

I was so excited that I could hardly sleep. 我兴奋得无法入睡。

 n. 睡眠,睡觉

He had a good sleep last night. 他昨天夜里睡得很酣畅。

Step 5 ~ Exercises ~

一、Fill in the correct prepositions in the sentences. 用正确的介词填空。(必做)

with  under  over  at  in  on

 Mr. Jones and his family are walking       the bridge.

 Sally is looking       a big ship.

 The ship is going       the bridge.

 The children are       their mother and father.

 The sun is shining       the sky.

 There are some small boats       the river.

二、Write questions and answers. 模仿例句提问并回答。(选做)


the children/looking at the boats on the river

What are the children doing?

They're looing at the boats on the river.

1. the men/cooking a meal

2. they/sleeping

3. the men/shaving

4. the children/crying

5. the dogs/eating bones

6. the women/typing letters

7. the children/doing their homework

8. the women/washing dishes

9. the birds/flying over the river

10. they/walking over the bridge

11. the man and the woman/waiting for a bus

12. the children/jumping off the wall

三、Complete these sentences. 模仿例句用现在进行时完成以下句子。(必做)


take — taking

Take ... He is taking his book.


 Type ...   She is                      a letter.

 Make ...   She is                      the bed.

 Come ...  He is                     .

 Shine ...  The sun is                     .

 Give ...    He is                      me some magazines.

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