Step 1 ~ Text ~

JEAN: Where's Sally, Jack?


JACK: She's in the garden, Jean.


JEAN: What's she doing?


JACK: She's sitting under the tree.


JEAN: Is Tim in the garden, too?


JACK: Yes, he is. He's climbing the tree.


JEAN: I beg your pardon? Who's climbing the tree?


JACK: Tim is.


JEAN: What about the dog?


JACK: The dog's in the garden, too. It's running across the grass. It's running after a cat.


Step 2 ~ Notes on the text ~

Where's = Where is。

She's sitting under the tree. 她正在树阴下坐着。

句中is sitting是现在进行时结构,这里是表示现在正在进行的动作。

What about the dog? 那么狗呢?

这句话的意思是:What is the dog doing in the garden? 为了避免重复原句中的主语和谓语动词可以用What about ...? 这个结构,用来询问情况。What about ...?(……怎么样?)是英语口语中较常用的一个句式,也可以说How about ... ? about一词后面可跟人,也可跟物。通常在对话中,有上下文情况时使用,用于询问情况或征求别人意见。

run across 跑着穿过


200000 — two hundred thousand

1000000 — one million

Step 3 ~ Grammar in use ~


 在英文中若想表达此刻正在进行的动作或事件,要用动词的现在进行时形式。现在进行时由be的现在时形式(am, is, are)+ 现在分词组成。如课文中的She's sitting under the tree. 和He's climbing the tree. 等句子均为现在进行时。对大多数动词来说,在动词后面直接加-ing即可构成现在分词,如doing,climbing。以-e结尾的动词,要去掉-e,再加-ing,如making。如果动词只有一个元音字母而其后跟了一个辅音字母时,则需将辅音字母双写,再加-ing,如running,sitting。


He's reading a magazine. 他正在看一本杂志。

Is he reading a magazine? 他正在看一本杂志吗?


The dog is drinking its milk. 狗正在喝它的那份牛奶吗?

The dog is not drinking its milk. 狗没在喝它的那份牛奶。

Step 4 ~ Word study ~

climb v.


The chidren are always climbing trees. 孩子们总是在爬树。

He likes climbing mountains. 他喜欢爬山。


The temperature is climbing steadily. 温度正在慢慢地平稳上升。

The price of gold climbed back. 金价逐渐回升了。


He is trying hard to climb to the top of the social ladder. 他正努力爬到社会的最顶层。

He has climbed to a very high position in his field. 他已在自己的领域中爬到了一个很高的位置。

run v.


He is running quickly. 他正飞快地跑着。

He runs a mile every morning to keep fit. 他每天早晨跑一英里步以保持身体健康。


The current is running strong. 水流湍急。

Her eyes ran with tears. 她落泪了。


The dog is running after a cat. 那只狗正在追赶一只猫。

Many young men are running after that girl. 许多年轻人在追求那个姑娘。

 Step 5 ~ Exercises ~

一、Read the situations. What do you say? 根据以下情景写出你应该说的话。(必做)

 Someone says something that surprises you or you don't hear very well.

 Someone says Jill is reading a book in the kitchen. You want to know about John.

二、Write questions and answers. 模仿例句提问并回答。(选做)


Nicola/emptying the basket/typing a letter

What is Nicoal doing? Is she emptying the basket?

No, she isn't emptying the basket. She's typing a letter.

1. Mr. Richards/cleaning his teeth/opening the window

2. My mother/shutting the door/making the bed

3. The dog/drinking its milk/eating a bone

4. My sister/reading a magazine/looking at a picture

5. Emma/dusting the dressing table/cooking a meal

6. Amy/making the bed/sweeping the floor

7. Tim/reading a magazine/sharpening a pencil

8. The girl/turning on the light/turning off the tap

9. The boy/cleaning his teeth/putting on his shirt

10. Miss Jones/putting on her coat/taking off her coat

三、Complete these sentences. 模仿例句把祈使句改写成现在进行时。(必做)


Sweep the floor! She is sweeping it.

 Open the window! He                     .

 Sharpen this pencil! She                     .

 Dust the cupboard! She                     .

 Empty the basket! She                     .

 Look at the picture! He                     .

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