Step 1 ~ Text ~

MRS. JONES: Come in, Amy. Shut the door, please. This bedroom's very umtidy.


AMY: What must I do, Mrs. Jones?


MRS. JONES: Open the window and air the room. Then put these clothes in the wardrobe. Then make the bed. Dust the dressing table. Then sweep the floor.


Step 2~ Notes on the text ~

untidy 乱,不整齐

un- 是前缀,表示“not”这类否定的意思。

air the room 给房间通通风


 Step 3 ~ Grammar in use ~


must 是一个情态助动词,表示“必须”、“应当”,与have to相似,表示不可逃避的义务。在说话人看来,没有选择余地。但是,must带有个人色彩,表示说话人的主观意图。表示个人感情时通常用must。You must ...(你必须……)表示说话人说/认为……是必要的。如:

You must sweep the floor. 你必须扫地。(我说这有必要)

Step 5 ~ Word study ~


 n. 空气,新鲜空气

Let's go out and breathe some fresh air. 咱们出去呼吸点新鲜空气吧。

 n. 空中,空间

He likes to stay in the open air. 他喜欢在户外呆着。

 v. 晾(衣服、被褥);使通风

Open the windows and air the room. 打开窗子使房间通风。

Leave the trousers on the washing-line to air. 把裤子挂到晾衣绳上去晾干。


 v. 使空;把……倒出(移出)

Empty the bottle of milk. 倒光瓶里的牛奶。

They emptied the house. 他们把房屋搬空了。

 v. 流出;走出

They river emptied itself into the sea. 河水流入大海。

It was raining, and the streets began to empty. 天下起了雨,街上的行人开始稀少了。

 adj. 空的

There are some empty bottles in the refrigerator. 冰箱里有一些空瓶子。

Her purse is empty. 她的钱包是空的。

 adj. 空虚的,无意义的

It's an empty dream. 这是个不现实的梦想。

Officials were flattered by empty complements. 官员们被空洞的恭维话弄得心里美滋滋的。

 adj. 呆板的,毫无表情的

She looked at him with empty eyes. 她木然地看着他。

He said all this in an empty voice. 他用一种呆板的声调说了这一切。

 Step 5 ~ Exercises ~

一、Read the situations. What do you say? 根据以下情景写出你应该说的话。(必做)

 You answer the door and a friend is standing on the doorstep. How do you invite him or her in?

 You have offered do help a friend with some houswork. How do you ask what to do?

二、Look at this table:  注意下表:(必做)

 Shut the    stereo
 Open the tap
 Put on your blackboard
 Take off your cup
 Turn on the window
 Thrn off the cupboard
 Sweep the  magazine
 Clean the knives
 Dust the shirt
 Empty the door
 Read this floor
 Sharpen these   shoes

Now write eleven sentences. 模仿下面的例句写出11句表示命令的句子。


三、Rewrite these sentences. 模仿例句写出相应的祈使句。(必做)


The cup isn't empty. —— Empty it!

 The window isn't clean.

 The door isn't shut.

 The wardrobe isn't open.

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