Step 1 ~ Text ~

Mrs. Smith's living room is large. 史密斯夫人的客厅很大。

There is a television in the room. 客厅里有台电视机。

The television is near the window. 电视机靠近窗子。

There are some magazines on the television. 电视机上放着几本杂志。

There is a table in the room. 客厅里有张桌子。

There are some newspapers on the table. 桌子上放着几份报纸。

There are some armchairs in the room. 客厅里有几把扶手椅。

The armchairs are near the table. 这些扶手椅靠近桌子。

There is a stereo in the room. 客厅里有台立体声音响。

The stereo is near the door. 音响靠近门。

There are  some books on the stereo. 音响上面有几本书。

There are some pictures in the room. 客厅里有几幅画。

The pictures are on the wall. 画挂在墙上。 

Step 2 ~ Notes on the text ~

Where are they? 它们在哪里?


There are 结构

There are 的结构用来说明人或物的存在,在汉语中可以译为“有”。这个结构要跟复数名词,句中往往有一个介词短语来表示位置或地点。


9999 —— nine thouand nine hundred and ninety-nine

10001 —— ten thousand and one

Step3 ~ Grammar in use ~

there + be 结构(2)

 there + be 结构变成疑问句时,只需将动词be和there互换位置,句子其余部分不变。如:

Is there a dirty fork on the plate? 碟子上有一个脏的叉子吗?

Is there a full bottle in the cupboard? 橱柜里有一瓶酒吗?

Are there any ties on the floor? 地上有一些领带吗?

Are there any newspapers on the shelf? 架子上有些报纸吗?

 there + be 结构变成否定句时,需在动词be后加not(any)或no。如:

No, there is not a fork on the plate. 没有,碟子上没有叉子。

No, there isn't one in the cupboard. 没有,橱柜里一个也没有。

No, there aren't any ties on the floor. 没有,地板上没有任何领带。

No, there are no newspapers on the shelf. 没有,架子上没有任何报纸。

some 和 any 的用法



There is some water in the glass. 玻璃杯里有些水。

There are some cigarettes in the box. 盒子里有些雪茄。

Have you got some paper-clips in that box? 你那只盒子里有一些回形针吧?(我知道或我认为你有一些,故希望你会说“有”。)



There are not any spoons in the cupboard. 橱柜中没有任何汤匙。

There aren't any plates on the dressing table. 梳妆台上任何碟子都没有。

Are there any cigarettes on the floor? No, there aren't. 地板上有一些烟吗?没有。

 Step 4 ~ Word study ~

near adj.


The television is near the window. 电视机在窗户旁边。

There are some shoes on the floor. They're near the bed. 地板上有些鞋子。它们在床附近。


She is a near friend of mine. 她是我的一位密友。

My uncle is my nearest relative. 我叔叔是我血缘最近的亲戚。


The picture may not be an exact replica but it's pretty near. 这副画也许不是一件一模一样的复制品,但它已酷似原作了。

 Step 5 ~ Exercises ~

一、Answer the question. 回答问题。(必做)

在There be结构中,there是主语吗?如果不是,哪个部份才是主语?

二、Write sentences using these words. 模仿例句写出相应的对话。(选做)


(books)/on the dressing table/cigarettes/near that box

Are there any books on the dressng table?

No, there aren't any books on the dressing table. There are some cigarettes.

Where are they?

They're near that box.

1. (books)/in the room/magazines/on the television

2. (ties)/on the floor/shoes/near the bed

3. (glasses)/on the cupboard/bottles/near those tins

4. (newspapers)/on the shelf/tickets/in that handbag

5. (forks)/on the table/knives/in that box

6. (cups)/on the stereo/glasses/near those bottles

7. (cups)/in the kitchen/plates/on the cooker

8. (glasses)/in the kitchen/bottles/in the refrigerator

9. (books)/in the room/pictures/on the wall

10. (chairs)/in the room/armchairs/near the table

三、Rewrite these sentences using There are. 模仿例句改用There are的结构。(必做)


There is a book on the desk. —— There are some books on the desk.

 There is a pencil on the desk.

 There is a knife near that tin.

 There is a policeman in the kitchen.

 There is a newspaper in the living room.

 There is a keyboard operator in the office.

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