1. once-in-a-lifetime offer:千载难逢的机会。

2. Craft and Craft:公司名称。

3. let me know by the end of the week.在周末以前告诉我你的决定。

4. apartment: flat, a set of rooms.公寓,一套房子。

5. Be asleep:睡着了。Asleep:表语形容词,只能做表语。

6. Meet with sb: have a meeting with sb.与某人会面。

7. Make the offer:分派工作。

8. A vice-presidency with the biggest accounting company in the country.全国最大的财务公司的副总裁职务。

9. Be excited about:对……感到兴趣。

10. I want what’s best for you.我想要的是对你最有好处的东西。What相当于sth. That.

11. He has a major toy buyer in Los Angeles.他在洛杉矶有一个很大的玩具客商。

12. Pretty sure:非常肯定。pretty常做副词,起强调作用。

13. And how do you feel about taking the job in Los Angeles? 你觉得接受洛杉矶的工作怎么样?

14. Feel good/fine about:对……感觉很好