Part A: Spot Dictation
  Directions:In this part of  the test, you will hear apassage and read the samep assagewith blanks in it. Fill in each of  the blanks with the word or words you have heard onthe tap e. Writeyour answer in the corresp onding space in your ANSWER BOOKLE T.Rememberyou will hear thepassage ONLY ONCE.
  If you find you spend more than you make, there are only two things to do: decreaseyour spending or _______________(1)。 It s often easiest to decrease expenditures,because your expenses tend to be more _______________(2)。 There are as manyways to _______________(3) as there are people looking to save it. For example, youmay pool your resources with friends, or _______________(4) only during sales, oreven live more simply.
  But _______________(5) that saving money should not necessarily be an end initself. Don t _______________(6) of ways to save a dime, and don t get upset aboutsituations where _______________(7) to spend money. The goal is to bring yourbudget into balance, not to become a tightwad who keeps _______________(8) ofevery penny and feels that spending money is a _______________(9)。 It is important toremember that budgets may be _______________(10) not only by decreasingexpenditures, but also by increasing income. _______________(11) to increase incomeis to get a _______________(12) if you don t already have one.
  Many students work during college. Although working adds to the_______________(13) you will face, it does not mean that your grades will necessarilysuffer. In fact, many students who work _______________(14) than those who don twork, because those with jobs need to be _______________(15)。
  Considering part-time work is often a better _______________(16) for dealingwith budget shortfalls, than taking out a loan. Because student loans are_______________(17), it s easy to use them as a crutch. Loans can be of help_______________(18) or if you couldn t afford to attend a college without them. If youdo _______________(19), remind yourself: one day soon you ll have to_______________(20), with interest.