Direction: Translate the following passage into English and write your version in the corresponding space in your ANSWER BOOKLET.
本届会议将围绕“新世纪、新挑战:参与、合作、促进共同繁荣”的主题,审议 5 个方面的议题,以期促进亚太地区和全球经贸的发展。
① 本届会议将围绕“新世纪、新挑战:参与、合作、促进共同繁荣”的主题,审议 5 个方面的议题,以期促进亚太地区和全球经贸的发展。
译文 1 : This meeting will discuss the topic of “new century, new challenge: participate GetWord("participate"); , cooperate and promote common prosperity covering 5 areas with a view to enhancing the development of economy and trade between the Asian-Pacific region and the rest world.
译文 2 : This meeting will center round the theme of “Meeting new challenges in the new century: achieving common prosperity through participation and cooperation” under 5 heads with a view to promoting the economic and trade development in the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large.
考点: 意译:“新世纪、新挑战:参与、合作、促进共同繁荣”如译文 1 翻译纯粹采取直译,把字面意思翻译出来,而译文 2 把这句话的含义翻译出来,值得推荐。
转性译法:动词 → 名词 参与 →participation 合作 →cooperation
② 今年的亚太经济贸易合作组织会议将主要侧重两个方面:一是加强亚太经合组织成员之间的合作,共同应对可能出现的经济衰退,重树信心;二是继续推进亚太经合组织贸易投资自由化进程,推动世界贸易组织尽早开始新一轮谈判。
译文 1 : The APEC meeting in this year will focus mainly on two aspects: one is on strengthening the cooperation among all the APEC members to cope with the possible economic recession through rebuilding up confidence; the other is on promoting the liberalization of trade and investment of APEC for the start of a new round of negotiations/talks for WTO.
译文 2 : This year’s APEC meeting will focus on two key missions: one is to strengthen the cooperation among APEC members in dealing with a possible economic slowdown to build up new confidence; the other is to continue to advance the process of APEC trade and invest liberalization and facilitation and urge the WTO to initiate a new round of talks as soon as possible.
考点: 增词译法:“一是加强” →one is on strengthening ,因为前接 focus mainly on ,因此增加 on 介词。