Direction: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of "Creating a Green Campus". You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:
继2009年Free Admission to Museums,本次题目再次结合校园生活引发思考,这个题目既考查了学生对平时生活其中的校园环境的思考,也需要同学们对校园精神环境方面的深入思索(“绿色校园不仅指绿色的环境”)。这样一个话题不仅是学生们聚焦的中心,也值得引起校方和整个教育体制的一个思考。
一般而言,四级写作的结构是三段式,就本文而言,建议三段可以完全按照提纲进行:即第一段:绿色校园这个话题值得引起重视;第二段:绿色校园不仅指绿色的环境,还应该和人文精神以及文明建;第三段:为了建设绿色校园,学校、政府和社会各界应该采取哪些措施。同学们在考场中构思作文的时候,不仅应该从提纲入手,还应该想一想老师上课时讲过哪些亮点句式是可以在本篇文章当中用上的,比如说超豪华强调句式:It is +被强调部分+逗号+it has been said+逗号+that+原句剩余成分。再比如说大家最熟悉的部分倒装句:Only in this way, can we……抑或经典被动语态,都是同学们应该在考场上能够想起来的可以和本篇文章相结合起来的句型。同时,同学们应该考虑到用词的替换,在本篇文章中,关于环境我们可以找到三个词进行替换:environment, surrounding, atmosphere。
参考范文1:Creating a Green Campus
Recently the topic of a green campus has been widely debated which has aroused public attention.Undoubtedly, a green campus, the indispensable part for the development of college students, has a profound impact on both individulas and society,for its significance cannot be denied.
A green campus environment, rather than anything else, plays a decisive role in the growth of college students. Needless to say, a green campus includes not only the places where the students live, but also the mental environment.If there were no green surrounding among the college students, their soul would be not as pure as we wish.In that case, in no place other than campus should we attempt to make a green atmosphere.

In view of the seriousness of the situation, it is imperative for us to take effective measures to creat a green campus. In the first place, it is essential that law and regulations be worked out and enforced by the government and authorities. Furthermore, it is ripe time that we enhanced the awareness of the students themselves. Only in this way, can we get a satisfactory results. With these measures taken, it is reasonable for us to believe that a green campus will be achieved in the near future.
范文2:Create a Green Campus
It is of great importance to make and maintain a green campus in our university or college. Obviously, a growing number of people are beginning to realize that it is our duty to do that in the present days, since the concept of “a green world” has become the focus of the society.
The idea of “a green campus” is beyond a green environment. To begin with, the development on the campus is  and recyclable. Some of the authorities’ budget should be on how to reduce of the waste. What’s more, we’d better be aware of the seriousness of pollution around us. Thus the idea of environmental protection may become a common occurrence in our daily life.
It is necessary that effective actions should be taken to protect waste and pollution, ?and hence these activities are to play an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. Certainly, there is little doubt that further consideration must be paid to our green campuses.
范文3:Create a Green Campus
In recent years, extravagance and waste have become increasingly serious in some of the university campus. We can see that papers, bottles and cans are thrown away after use; food is wasted just because of its poor taste; clothes are discarded simply owing to their old fashion. As a consequence, people in mounting numbers put great emphasis on creating a green campus.
There are at least two criteria to distinguish what is green campus. On the one hand, natural resources must be conserved and made full use of, for example, we, as college students, should take the wise use of papers and second-hand textbooks into account. On the other hand, education to build up thrift habits must be promoted by relevant departments and professionals at various levels.
Accordingly, it is necessary for us to take effective steps. For one thing, university authorities should respond with the demand for more
 our natural resources, such as water, electricity, and so on. For another, we should enhance the awareness of college students that creating a green campus is of utmost significance to both our society and ourselves.

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