D: you're finally here! What took so long?

P:I got stuck in traffic again. There was a terrible traffic jam near the Carrefour intersection.

D: it's always rather congesteddown there during rush hour. Maybe you should try to find a different route to get home.

P: I don't think it can be avoided, to be honest.

D: perhaps it would be better if you started taking public transpot system to work.

P: I think it's something that I'll have to consider. The public transport system is pretty good.

D: it would be better for the environment, too.

P: I know. I feel bad about how much my car is adding to the pollution problem in this city.

D: taking the subway would be a lot less stressfulthan driving as well.

P: the only problem is that I'm going to really miss having the freedom that you have with a car.

D: well, when it's nicer outside, you can start biking to work. That will give you just as much freedom as your car usually provides.

P: that's true. I could certainly use the exercise!

D: so, are you going to quit driving to work then?

P: yes, it's not good for me or for the environemnt.















"be/get stuck"就是指陷入,受困于某种不愉快的境遇中.be/get stuck in traffic是遇上堵车的常见表达.

We were stuck in traffic for over an hour. 我们遇上堵车,堵了一个多小时.

I hate being stuck at home all day. 我讨厌整天困在家里出不去.

I feel bad about how much my car is adding to the pollution problem in this city.

"add to sth"的意思就是"使(数量)增加,使(问题)规模扩大"的意思, to increase something in size, number, amount, etc.

The bad weather only added to our difficulties. 恶劣的天气只是增加了我们的困难.

The house has been added to(= new rooms, etc. have been built on to it)from time to time. 这座房子一次又一次地在扩建.

这里相当于"contribute to".

Congested: crowded; full of vehicles or traffic 拥挤的;挤满的;(交通)堵塞的,拥塞的 ~ (with sth)

congested city streets 交通拥塞的城市街道

Many of Europe's airports are heavily congested. 欧洲许多机场都十分拥挤.

Stressful: causing a lot of anxiety and worry 压力重的;紧张的 adjective

a stressful job/situation/lifestyle 繁重的工作;艰难的处境;紧张的生活方式

It was a very stressful time for all of us. 对于我们所有人来说,那都是一段艰难时期.

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