Vaccumkiss 真空之吻,英文译作:sucking the air out of one's partner's mouth and lungs

French kiss 法式之吻,英文译作:kiss with your mouth open and your tongues touching

Platonickiss 柏拉图之吻,英文译作:short kiss on the cheek for greeting

blow/throw a kiss 飞吻

例句:He blew a kiss at that pretty girl. 他给了那个漂亮的女孩一个飞吻。  

kiss of life 生命之吻 (口对口的人工呼吸)  

kiss of peace 宗教上的接礼吻


例句:He planted a big smooch on her. 他深深地吻了她。 


例句:She gave him a peck on the cheek. 她在他脸颊上匆匆一吻。


kiss one's ass 拍某人的马屁 (kiss-ass指“马屁精”)
例句:John never kisses his boss's ass. 约翰从不拍他老板的马屁。 

kiss good-bye 吻别

例句:She kisses her husband good-bye when she goes to work every morning. 她每天早上上班时都与老公吻别。

kiss something good-bye 被迫放弃

例句:If you leave your camera on a park bench, you can kiss it good-bye. 如果你把相机忘在公园里的凳子上了,那就找不到了。

kiss of death 导致失败的行为或东西

例句:The mayor's veto was the kiss of death for the new law. 市长的否决使得新法律不能生效。

kiss the rod 指甘心受罚(rod 原意是“惩罚”)

例句:We can't evade this issue, all we can do is to kiss the rod. 这个问题我们规避不了,只好甘心受罚。

Kiss and make up 原谅某人并与之重归于好

例句:They were very angry, but in the end they kissed and made up. 他们都很生气,但最后他们还是原谅了对方又和好如初。