Apple  苹果

  apple of one's eye ( to be the ):to be one's favorite掌上明珠;心爱物

  eg.She is the apple of her father's eye。她是她父亲的掌上明珠。

  Big Apple (the):New York 大苹果城(即纽约)

  eg.I live in the Big Apple。我住在大苹果城。

  comepare apples and oranges (to):to compare two things thatsimply cannot be compared。比较两个无法相比的事物

  eg.That's ridiculous.Now you're comparing apples and oranges。真可笑。你是在那两种无法相比的东西作比较,就好像苹果和桔子。

  “How do you like the apples?”:“What do you think of that ?”



  bananas (to be ):to be crazy 发疯的,神经错乱的

  eg.That guuy's bananas!那家伙真是疯了!

  *注意:to go become crazy。发疯,神经错乱

  eg.I'm so bored I'm going bananas。我厌烦的要死,都快发疯了。 become wild with anger狂怒,气得发疯

  eg.She went bananas when she found him cheating。她发现他欺骗时气得要命。

  play second banana (to):to be second choice第二选择,次要人物

  eg.I always play second banana to her。我总是做她的后补。

  top banana:main boss领袖,头头,大老板

  eg.He's (the) top banana in this company。他是这家公司的大老板。

  Bean (豆)

  bean brain :idiot 白痴,笨蛋

  eg.He is such a bean brain。他是个大笨蛋。

  beans about sth. (not to know):not to know anything aboutsth。对某事物一无所知,一窍不通

  eg.I don't know beans about computers。我对电脑一窍不通。

  *注意:此词语只有否定形式,“to know beans about sth。”这种说法不存在。

  Bean Town :Boston,Massachusetts 豆城【指麻萨诸塞州波士顿市】



  beet red (to be):to be extremly red from blushing,embarrassment,etc.[因窘迫,羞愧等]脸红

  eg.She was so embarrased she turned beet red。他窘迫得满脸通红。





  carrot in front of someone (to danglea) tempt someone with an unobtainableoffer开空头支票[以实践不了的诺言诱惑某人]

  eg.The boss told me lf I perform well on the job ,we 'll talkabout a salary increase next year.But I think he's just dangling acarrot in front ofme。老板告诉我,如果我工作表现出色,明年加工资就有商量了。但我想他这不过是开了一张空头支票。


  cauliflower ears:swollen ears usually resulting from a boxingmatch[拳击运动员因多次受击而肿起的]开花耳朵

  eg.That boxer has cauliflower ears。那位拳击运动员的耳朵被打开花了。


  bowl of cherries (to be a ):to be wonderful 精彩的,绝妙的

  eg.Life isn't always a bowl of cherries。生活并不总是美好的。

  Corn (谷物;谷粒)

  “For corn sake!”:“Oh,my goodness!” “噢,天哪!”


  corn :n.melodrama,overemotional drama情节剧;感情表现夸张的戏剧

  eg.What a bunch of corn!这一连串的情节剧真精彩啊!

  adj.melodramatic 情节剧的;夸张的

  eg.That movie was so corny!这部电影表现得太夸张了!

  cornball:adj.ridiculous 荒唐的,可笑的

  eg.Where did you buy that cornball hat?你从哪儿买来那顶滑稽的帽子?


  cool as a cucumber (to be):to be calm and composed 十分冷静,镇定自如

  eg.Although he's guilty of the crime ,he sure as cool as acucumber。尽管他犯了罪,却还是那么镇定自如。