The car cost him an arm and a leg. 买这辆车他可花了血本。

  She’s my right arm. 她是我的得力助手。

  He was strong-armed into doing it. 他被迫这么做的。

  No one’s twisting your arm to do it! 没人强迫你这么做!

  They always walk arm in arm down the street. 他们常常手挽手地沿街走

  BACK 背

  Get off my back! 别再来烦我了!

  I don’t like her. She always gets my back up. 我不喜欢她。她总是惹我生气。(此用语原指动物,常用于描述猫发怒。)

  She’ll give the shirt of her back for her friends. 她帮助朋友不遗余力。

  She turned her back on me when I needed her. 我需要她帮助时,她拒绝了我。

  This time, I’ll give you the work for free. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. 这一次我把这个作品赠送给你,你帮助我,我也帮助你。

  BONE 骨

  We’d better go to the market because we’re down to the bare bone essentials. 我们只剩下一些生活必需品了,最好去市场上买点东西。

  Let’s get down to the bare bone essentials. 我们来讨论一下正经事吧。

  I have a bone to pick with you. 我对你有点意见。

  I need to bone up on my English. 我得好好学英语。

  This work is bone-breaking! 这项工作很辛苦!

  She’s a real bonehead. 她真是个大傻瓜。

  Wake up, lazy bones! 醒醒吧,懒骨头!

  She made no bones about telling him to leave. 她直截了当地让他走了。

  He’s nothing but skin and bones. 他骨瘦如柴。


  She’s a real bean brain. 她真是个大笨蛋。

  She’s such a birdbrain! 她是个大傻瓜!

  She’s very brainy. 她很聪明。

  Since you’re an expert, would you mind if I pick your brain for half an hour? 你是专家,那你是否介意给我半个小时,让我向你讨教一些问题?

  I racked my brain(s) for an hour but couldn’t remember her name! 我绞尽脑汁想了一个小时也没能想起她的名字!/ I racked my brain(s) trying to find a solution. 我苦思冥想,力求找到解决问题的办法。

  He’s such a scatterbrain. 他这人真没头脑。/ She’s so scatterbrained! 她太浮躁了!

  CHEEK 面颊

  She said it tongue in cheek. 她说的是风凉话。

  Her mother turned the other cheek when she took the cookie. 她拿饼干时,她妈妈装作没看见。


  I need to talk to you and get this off my chest. 我要跟你谈一谈,把心里的烦恼都说出来。

  EAR 耳朵

  So what happened? I’m all ears. 发生了什么?我正洗耳恭听呢。

  She bent my ear for an entire hour. 她缠住我足足谈了一个小时。

  “My father’s a lot smarter than yours!” “Go blow it out of your ear!” “我爸比你爸帅多了!”“胡扯!”

  She can really chew your ear off. 她能说得让你耳朵都起老茧。

  The pages of this book are all dog-eared. 这本书的书页都卷起来了。

  She has an ear for music. 她具有音乐方面的天赋。

  I heard an earful of gossip today. 我今天听到不少闲话。

  He has all the earmarks of being a thief. 他天生一副贼相。

  Stop explaining. It’s all falling on deaf ears. 别解释了,没人会听的。

  She’s able to learn a new language by living in a country for only half a year. She must have a good ear (for language). 她在一个国家只要待上半年就能学会一门新语言。她一定有语言方面的天赋。





  Keep your ear to the ground! 听仔细了!

  I perked up my ears when I heard her mention my name. 我一听到她提我的名字就竖起了耳朵。

  She doesn’t read music at all. She plays everything by ear. 她不看乐谱,光凭记忆演奏。(play by ear也常常用于音乐之外,指“临时应付事态”,如:Maybe we can have dinner together next week. Let’s just play it by ear. 也许到下星期我们可以一块儿吃顿饭,到时候再说吧。)

  I think the boss is gonna be laying off those who aren’t working hard enough. I just put a bug in your ear. 我看老板会炒了那些工作不够卖力的,我只是先给你们透点口风。

  She talked my ear off for a whole hour. 她唠叨了整整一个小时,真烦!

  ELBOW 肘,肘部

  The stain will come off. It just takes some elbow grease. 污渍是可以洗掉的,不过要费点劲。

  We had to elbow our way through the crowd. 我们得从人群中挤过去。

  I can hardly move. Give me some elbow room. 我差不多动不了了,给我让点地方吧。

  When I went to Hollywood, I rubbed elbows with all the movie stars. 我去好莱坞时,和所有这些电影明星都有过接触。

  EYE 眼睛

  an eye for an eye 以眼还眼,以牙还牙

  She has such bedroom eyes. 她有一双性感的眼睛。

  She’s a real eye-catcher. 她非常引人注目。

  She has an eye for art. 她对艺术很有鉴赏力。

  When I first met her, she eyed me up and down. 我第一次见到她时,被她上下打量了一番。

  That sculpture is an eyesore. 那座雕塑不好看。

  I guess my eyes are bigger than my stomach. 我觉得饭菜点得太多了,我是眼馋肚饱呀。

  Hey, four-eyes! 嘿,四眼!(这是个贬称,说出去当心听话的人把你变成熊猫眼)

  I’d give my eyetooth to look like her. 我愿意不惜一切地模仿她。

  Where did you get that black eye? 你在哪儿被打得鼻青脸肿的?

  I hate talking with her because she keeps making goo-goo eyes at me! 我不喜欢和她说话,死女人老对我抛媚眼!

  That’s green-eyed monster talking. 那是处于妒忌才说的话。

  “She told me she speaks ten languages。” “In a pig’s eye!” “她告诉我她会说十种语言。”“吹牛!”

  I have to stay here and keep an eye on my little sister. 我得留在这儿照看小妹。

  We always see eye to eye. 我们总是看法一致。

  I think I need to get some shuteye. 我想我得合一会儿眼了


  There’s a lot of finger-pointing throughout this case. 这件事上大家总是互相指责。

  She never lifts a finger. 她从来都懒得抬一抬手指。

  I think you just put your finger on it. 我想,你终于发现事情的真相了。

  When he drove past me, he gave me the finger. 他开车从我身边经过时,朝我做了个下流动作。

  He’ll do anything I want. I have him wrapped around my little finger. 我要他做什么,他就做什么,全听我的摆布。

  FOOT 脚,足

  After she lost her job, it took her a while to get back on her feet. 失业后, 她过了一段才振作起来。

  Just when I was about to ask him for a raise, I got cold feet. 就在准备向他提出加薪的那一刻,我突然胆怯了。

  Now that she’s divorced, she’s footloose. 既然离婚了,她也就自由了。

  We don’t have to pay anything. He said he would foot the entire bill. 我们不必付账,他说全由他埋单。

  She kept playing footsie with him under the table. 她一直和他在桌下偷偷碰脚调情。

  You didn’t get the job yet, but at least it’s a foot in the door. 虽然没得到那份工作,但至少你已经迈出了第一步。

  I don’t know what my job entails. I’m still getting my feet wet. 我不太清楚自己的职责范围,我还在逐步熟悉的阶段。

  The movie starts in five minutes! We’d better hotfoot it over to the theater. 电影还有五分钟就要开场了!我们最好快点去影院!(此短语出现于二十世纪早期,现在偶尔也会用在玩笑中。你可以想象出某人因为走得太快而脚板发烫的情形。)






  I don’t like driving with him. He has a real lead foot. 我不喜欢和他一起开车,他总飚车。(lead foot指脚像铅似的重重地踩在油门上)

  The poor guy has one foot in the grave. 这可怜的家伙离死不远了。

  We have to put our foot down on that. 我们必须阻止那件事。

  Stop pussy-footing around. What do you want? 别兜圈子了。你想干什么啊?

  She’s always been quick on her feet. 她总是能很快想出办法。

  She swept him off his feet as soon as they met. 他们一见面,她就把他给迷住了。

  He threw himself at her feet. 他完全拜倒在她的脚下。

  She always gets under my feet. 她总是碍我的事。(亦作:to get underfoot,如:She always gets underfoot. 她总碍我的事。)

  We got off on the wrong foot, but now we’re friends. 我们一开始关系很僵,但现在是朋友了。

  GUMS 牙龈;牙床

  Stop flapping your gums! 别废话了!

  GUTS 内脏;肠子

  She busted a gut laughing. 她肚子都笑疼了。

  You’re starting to get a gut. 你开始发福了。

  My gut reaction to her wasn’t good. 我对她的第一印象不好。

  He doesn’t have the guts to call her. 他没胆量打电话给她。/ I respect you. You have guts. 我敬佩你,你真有胆量。

  She’s very gutsy. 她非常勇敢。

  I hate her guts! 我对她恨之入骨!

  She spilled her guts to me. 她向我吐露了心事。

  He threw his guts up after drinking those two beers. 他喝了那两瓶啤酒,几乎把肠子都吐了出来。

  HAIR 头发

  What a hair-raising story! 多恐怖的故事啊!

  That must have been hairy! 那一定很惊险!

  She finally let her hair down in front of us. 她终于在我们面前变得无拘无束了。

  My little brother keeps getting in my hair. 我那小弟总是惹我发火。

  HAND 手

  What’s the issue at hand? 现在有什么急事?

  Can you give me a hand with this? 这事你能帮我吗?/ That was a great performance! Let’s give him a hand! 演得真好!我们给他鼓鼓掌吧!

  Hand it to me right now! 马上把那东西给我!/ Hand it over! 把那玩儿给我!

  I’ve got to hand it to you! 我很佩服你!

  Although she doesn’t have any money, she refuses to accept handouts. 她虽然没钱,却不愿接受施舍。

  I think it’s the best movie hands down. 我认为这毫无疑问是最好的一部电影。/ He won the election hands down. 他以全票当选。

  I know this city like the back of my hand. 我对这个城市了如指掌。

  Since she only has a temporary job. She has to live from hand to mouth. 她只有一份临时工,只能勉强糊口。

  He’s an old hand at fixing cars. 他是修理汽车的老手。

  Do you have a screwdriver on hand? 你手头上有螺丝刀吗?

  Things really got out of hand when the police arrived. 警察到时,局势已经难以控制了。

  He’s my right-hand man. 他是我的得力助手。

  I bought it second hand. 我买的是二手货。(相关的:I heard about the accident second-hand. 这事故我是间接听说的。)

  They were short-handed at work today. 他们今天工作人手不够。

  One of the vice presidents of the company told me to buy the stock and the other told me not to! Obviously, the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. 公司的一位副董事长叫我买股票,而另一个却叫我不要买!很显然,他们是各自为政,互不通气。

  I’m going to try my hand at golf this weekend. 这周末,我要去试试打高尔夫球

  HEAD 头

  I wouldn’t trust her. She’s a real airhead. 我不会信任她的,她这人没头脑。

  His head has gotten big ever since he became a movie star. 自从他成了电影明星,就自负起来了。





  I criticized her dress and she bit me head off. 我说她的裙子不好,她就把我臭骂了一顿。

  Let’s head out around 9:00 in the morning. 我们早上9点左右出发。

  I’m head over heels for her. 我狂热地爱上了她。

  She’s on a real head trip. She thinks she’s the smartest in class. 她总是在做梦,以为自己是班上最聪明的学生。/ Get off your head trip! 别再自高自大了!

  He’s always so headstrong. 他总是这么固执。

  The boss just called them into his office. I think heads are gonna roll. 老板刚把他们叫进了办公室,我看有人要被炒了。

  Head up! (因有物体飞来)注意头上!

  You are starting to make headway with your French! 你的法语开始有进步了!

  She hit the nail on the head! 她的话一针见血!

  I need that like a hole in the head. 我根本不需要那玩意儿。

  She’s such a hothead. 她真是个急性子。

  I can’t be specific, but off the top of my head, I’d say she’ll be arriving in about ten minutes. 我不能确定,但我估计她大约十分钟之后会到的。

  I think you just went over his head. 我觉得他没法懂你的意思。

  Don’t be such a sorehead. 别这样牢骚满腹。(此语通常用于指那些输了比赛或竞赛就发牢骚的人。)

  I don’t like being around her. She has such a swelled head! 我不喜欢和她在一起,他太自负了!

  Everything he does is stupid. He never uses his head. 他从来不动脑子,总是干傻事。

  HEART 心脏

  She’s going to eat her heart out when she sees me with Tom. 她要是看到我和汤姆在一起,会嫉妒死的。

  The teacher gave us homework to do over the weekend. She doesn’t have a heart. 老师周末还给我们布置家庭作业,她一点同情心都没有。

  Let’s get to the heart of the problem. 我们看看问题的实质吧。

  My heart goes out to her. 我同情她。

  I don’t have the heart to tell her that her dog died. 我不忍心告诉她,她的狗死了。

  Every time she came home late, she caused him heartache. 每次她晚归,他都很伤心。

  HEEL 脚跟

  If you want her to like you, just talk about animals. That’s her Achilles’ heel. 如果你想让她喜欢你,就和她谈谈动物,那是最能打动她的。

  We cooled our heels for a whole hour before she finally arrived. 我们整整等了一个小时,最后她终于来了。

  Quit dragging your heels and hurry! 别磨蹭了,快点儿!

  We’re head over heels for her. 我们都疯狂地爱上了她。

  She just taught her dog to heel. 她刚刚教她的狗紧跟着她。(Heel!是唤狗用语,让狗紧紧跟在主人身后)

  I can’t wait to go on vacation. I need to pick up my heel! 我急着要去休假,需要轻松轻松!

  Stop walking on my heels! 别当我的跟屁虫!

  HIP 臀部

  She never thinks before she speaks. She just shoots from the hip. 她说话总是不经大脑就信口开河。

  KNUCKLE 指节;膝关节

  We’ve got to knuckle down and clean the house. 我们得好好干了,把屋子打扫干净。

  Would you like a knuckle sandwich? 揍你一顿怎么样?

  She finally knuckled under because the pressure was simply too much. 压力实在太大了,她最终还是屈服了。

  You knuckle-head! 你这个笨蛋!(此词的语气温和,有点笑骂的味道)

  LEG 腿

  I don’t know how he can eat so much. He must have a hollow leg. 我不知道他怎么能吃下这么多东西,他的胃口肯定大得像个无底洞。

  Let’s leg it to work today. 我们今天步行去上班。

  She’ll never win the court case. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on. 她绝赢不了这场官司,她压根就站不住脚。

  His couch cost an arm and a leg. 他买沙发花了不少钱。

  Stop pulling my leg! 别骗我了!

  I’m going outside to stretch my legs. 我要到外面去活动活动






  LIP 嘴唇

  Button your lip! 住嘴!

  Stop teasing me or I’ll give you a fat lip! 别取笑我了,否则打烂你的嘴!

  Don’t worry. Just keep a stiff upper lip. 别担心,要保持沉着。

  I don’t want any more lip out of you! 我不想再听你说这种无礼的话!

  What I’m saying is true. I’m not paying you lip service. 我说的都是实话,不是对你空口说白话。

  Read my lips and I’ll repeat. 好好看着我,我再说一遍。(read my lips是骂人的话,说对方理解能力差)

  LIVER 肝脏

  I’ve never met anyone so lily-livered. 我从没见过这样胆小的人。

  She always ignores me. What am I? Chopped liver? 她总不理我。我算什么?无名小卒?

  MOUTH 嘴,口

  I don’t like her. She always bad-mouths me. 我不喜欢她,她总说我的坏话。

  Don’t tell her anything. She’s got a big mouth. 什么也别跟她说,她太多嘴。

  Don’t tell him any secret. He’s a real blabbermouth. 别告诉他任何秘密,他这人多嘴,会泄漏的。

  You look down in the mouth. What’s the matter? 你看起来很沮丧,出什么事了?

  I don’t like your mouth. 我不喜欢你说的话。

  You should have heard her mouth off to the teacher. 你该听听她是怎么和老师顶嘴的。

  Stop running off at the mouth! 别再说个不停了!

  Think a little before you go shooting off your mouth! 想好了再说,别信口开河了!

  NECK 颈,脖子

  I saw them necking in the park. 我看见他们在公园里拥吻。

  I was in your neck of the woods and thought I’d come by and visit. 我住在你们附近,我想我会过去看望你们的。

  The two runners are neck-and-neck. 两位赛跑选手并驾齐驱。

  She’s such a pain in the neck. 她真是个令人头疼的家伙。

  He’s a real redneck. 他真是个老顽固。

  I stuck my neck out for her. 我替她承担了很大的风险。

  If I catch him, I’m gonna wring his neck! 我要是抓住他,就扭断他的脖子!

  NERVE 神经

  You’re going on my nerves! 你让我心烦!

  I think you just hit a nerve with her. 我看你是触到了她的痛处。

  You have some nerve! 你有些鲁莽!

  I think you need a drink. Your nerves are on edge. 我觉得你该喝点什么,你太紧张了。

  She’s really nervy. 她真是太放肆了。

  NOSE 鼻子

  It’s as plain as the nose on your face. 那是秃子头上的虱子,明摆着的。

  You’re always so hard-nosed! 你总是太固执!

  If you keep your nose to the grindstone, you’ll succeed. 如果你努力不懈,就会成功的。

  Whether she comes to my party or not, it’s no skin off my nose. 她来不来参加我的派对跟我都没关系。

  His health took a nose dive. 他的健康状况急剧恶化。(to take a nose dive原指飞机突然失去动力而急速降落。)

  She has a nose for finding bargains. 她很善于搜寻便宜货。

  She nosed her out of the competition. 她在比赛中以微弱优势击败了对手。(亦作:to win by a nose)

  Now, don’t get your nose out of joint. 好了,别生气了。

  She’s so nosey! 她太爱管闲事了!

  She never talks to me. She always has her nose in the air. 她从来不和我说话,总是一副高傲自大的样子。





 She had to pay through the nose to get that dress. 她为了买那件衣服花了很多钱。

  He came over to poke his nose in my business. 他过来干涉了我的事。

  The answer is right under your nose. 这答案是一目了然的。

  She turned up her nose at the dinner. 她拒绝吃晚饭。

  PALM 手掌

  I know he’ll sign the contract. I have him eating out of the palm of my hand. 我知道他会签和约的。我完全控制他了。

  I know he’ll sign the contract. I have him in the palm of my hand. 我知道他会签和约的。他完全在我的掌握之中。

  My brother palmed off his old bike on me. 我哥哥把他那辆旧自行车处理掉送给了我。


  She’s giving me the cold shoulder. 她不和我说话。

  The job rests on your shoulders now. 现在这项工作就全*你了。

  I spoke straight from the shoulder and told her I didn’t like the way she treated me yesterday. 我直截了当地告诉她,我不喜欢她昨天那样对我

  SPINE 脊柱,脊椎

  He was really angry at his boss but was afraid to tell him. Sometimes he’s so spineless. 他对老板很恼火,但又不敢对他直说。有时他太懦弱了。

  STOMACH 胃,腹部

  I think my eyes are bigger than my stomach. 我就是眼馋,已经吃不下了。

  I can’t stomach her. 我受不了她。

  THROAT 咽喉,喉咙

  I gave her a suggestion and she jumped down my throat. 我给她提了个建议,她却把我训斥了一顿。

  THUMB 拇指

  I could never be a surgeon. I’m all thumbs. 我决不可能成为一名外科医生,我总是笨手笨脚的。

  It’s a rule of thumb to water plants in the morning before the temperature gets too high. 按常规,要在上午气温升高之前给植物浇水。

  Since we ran out of gas, we were forced to thumb a ride into the city. 我们的车没油了,只得搭便车进城。

  She gave me a thumbs-up on the project. 他对我的这项计划表示赞成。

  He’ll do anything I ask. I have him under my thumb. 我叫他干什么他就干什么,完全受我控制。

  SPINE 脊柱,脊椎

  He was really angry at his boss but was afraid to tell him. Sometimes he’s so spineless. 他对老板很恼火,但又不敢对他直说。有时他太懦弱了。

  STOMACH 胃,腹部

  I think my eyes are bigger than my stomach. 我就是眼馋,已经吃不下了。

  I can’t stomach her. 我受不了她。

  THROAT 咽喉,喉咙

  I gave her a suggestion and she jumped down my throat. 我给她提了个建议,她却把我训斥了一顿。

  THUMB 拇指

  I could never be a surgeon. I’m all thumbs. 我决不可能成为一名外科医生,我总是笨手笨脚的。

  It’s a rule of thumb to water plants in the morning before the temperature gets too high. 按常规,要在上午气温升高之前给植物浇水。

  Since we ran out of gas, we were forced to thumb a ride into the city. 我们的车没油了,只得搭便车进城。

  She gave me a thumbs-up on the project. 他对我的这项计划表示赞成。

  He’ll do anything I ask. I have him under my thumb. 我叫他干什么他就干什么,完全受我控制。

  TOE 脚趾

  There could be trouble, so be on your toes. 可能有麻烦,因此要保持警惕。

  She’s so unpredictable that you have to tip toe around her. 她这人很难捉摸,你在她身边要小心点。

  If he doesn’t toe the line, fire him! 要是他不守规矩就辞了他!

  They’re going toe-to-toe again! 他们又要打起来了!

  TONGUE 舌,舌头

  Hold your tongue! You’ve said enough already. 闭嘴吧!你说得够多了。

  How many tongues does she speak? 她会说多少种语言?

  The cat’s got your tongue? 你怎么不吭声了?

  Whenever I talk in front of an audience, I got tongue-tied. 一面对观众讲话,我就结结巴巴的。

  TOOTH 牙齿

  I passed the test by the skin of my teeth. 我差点儿没通过考试。

  He fought tooth and nail to stop the county from pulling down the old church. 他竭力阻止县里拆除那座老教堂。

  Our dog is getting long in the tooth. 我们的狗老了。

  I’m so cold and my teeth are chattering. 我冷得牙齿直打颤。

  That high pitched sound sets my teeth on edge. 那尖叫声让我害怕。

  I’ve never met anyone with such a sweet tooth. 我从未见过这么喜欢吃甜食的人