When they finish quizzing you,interviewers always ask, "So, do you have any questions?" That's your cue to show off your research with queries about the company's competitors, plans for growth, specific products, etc. But some questions can make you seem ill-prepared, overeager or disagreeable. Here are eight commonly asked bloopers.

      1. What, exactly, does your company do?

  Never pose questions that a library search could have answered.

  2. What does the job pay?

  Avoid money discussions until the interviewer makes you an offer.

       3. How many vacation and personal days do you allow?

  Makes you sound lazy--again, wait for the offer.

  4. How long will it take me to get promoted?

  Try a less pushy version: "Can you describe what my career advancement track might be like?"

  5. Is that your husband in the picture on your desk?

  Don't initiate a personal discussion.Stick to questions about her career path.

  6. What are you going to do about the poor performance of Product X?

  Reframe the question positively. "What plans do you have to build sales for Product X?"

  7. What's your company's track record on promoting women and minorities?

  A legitimate question, but interviewers may worry that you'll sue if you don't advance quickly. Instead, check out the company' s reputation through the industry grapevine.

  8. So, when do I start?

  A slightly obnoxious quip. Don't invite yourself into the job.

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