What are Godparents?

The Godparents are generally composed of both a female and male member, not necessarily from the same couple. However only one Godparent is actually necessary. One of the Godparents often needs to be a practicing member of the faith into which the child is being baptized and they must be sufficiently well-connected to the family of the child to be able to exercise the responsibilities they undertake in the service. When an infant is baptized he/she can't answer the questions for him/herself, so someone needs to answer on his/her behalf.

Godparents may be asked to perform ritual functions during the ceremony, such as holding the child, praying over the child and to make promises for the child's religious growth. After the ceremony, the role of the Godparents is to look after the child's religious path.

Godparents (also called sponsors or proxies) were originally introduced into the baptism service for this reason. In the history of the church godparents also promised to bring the child up in the Christian faith, and took responsibility for this.

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At infant baptism, parents may be Godparents to their own children, and the parents of the child are required to make these statements together with the Godparents. The role of Godparent has become that of a "supporting friend" who assists the parents and takes a special interest in the child, but does not stand in for the parents or make up for any lacks in their care. Your chief responsibility is to support your godchild in living a Christian life in fellowship with the Church. You are promising to do all in your power to support him/her in his/her life in Christ." The best way to do this is to help make sure he/she gets to Church regularly. Setting an example by regular Church attendance and by being willing to take your godchild with you to worship is a great witness and a fine way to keep your oath as a Sponsor.

In the case of a Thanksgiving and Blessing service, the Godparents promise support of the parents in bringing up the child as well as support of the child.

Are Godparents also commissioned as guardians? No. The church has no power to appoint guardians. Parents wishing to appoint guardians in the event of their deaths should specify this in their wills.

Christian Responsibilities of a Godparent

1. Pray for your godchild regularly

2. Set an example of Christian living

3. Help him/her to grow in the faith of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

4. Give every encouragement to follow Christ and fight against evil







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