1、Performance (n.) 业绩、表现 His performance this month has been less than satisfactory. 他这个月的业绩不是很令人满意。

2、Performance Evaluation 定期的员工个人评定 The performance evaluation test is a way of seeing how efficient a worker's performance is. 定期的员工个人评定是一种考察员工的工作有多高效的手段。

3、Challenge (v.) 在外企的英文中它不当“挑战”讲而是“谴责、批评、指责”

His poor performance gave rise to the challenge from his boss. 他差劲的表现遭到了老板的批评。

4、Presentation (n.) 做介绍(一般指打投影仪的那种汇报)

His presentation on the Earth Summit proves that we really need to pay more attention to the global environment.


5、Quota (n.) 员工的(一年或半年的)任务量 Have you reached your predicted quota for this quarter? 你达到了本季度预期的任务量了吗?

6、Solid (n.) 可靠的、稳妥的

Their partnership is solid as a rock. 他们的伙伴关系像岩石一样坚不可摧。

7、Complicated (adj.) 复杂的

English grammar is very complicated. 英语语法非常复杂。

8/9、Vacation = Leave 休假 (n.)

It is my vacation soon, I think I'll go to Huang Shan to relax. 我马上就要休假了。我想我会去黄山放松一下。

10、Follow up把某件事情继续负责追究到底

Have you been following up on the news recently? 你有跟踪调查最近的新闻吗?

Note: colleague (n.) 同事 elevator (n.) 电梯 analysis (n.) 分析,解析 tiring (n.) 令人厌倦的 barrier (n.) 障碍 overcome (v.) 克服,战胜 statistic (n.) 统计数值 instantly (adj.) 立即,即刻

外企上班常识英文单词: http://insuns.com/article/18904-1.html