Passage 2

  My friend Leo makes up weak and poor excuses whenever there are something he doesn’t want to do. Just 2 weeks ago, he was at my house when he decided he didn’t want to go into work. He called his boss and said he had to get a new set of tires to put on his truck, then, he sat down and watch TV with me. Not only had he lied, but his excuse wasn’t a very convincing one. Another time he canceled a date with his girlfriend at the last minute, telling her he had to get a new battery for his truck. She was angry and refused to go out with him again until he apologized. Last weekend, Leo offered the poorest excuse yet, he’d promised he’d help me move some furniture from my parents’ house to my new apartment, he was supposed to bring his truck over about 8 o’clock Saturday morning, I waited and then called and left a message on his machine. About 11:30, he called and said he was sorry but he’d been getting a new set of tires put on his truck. I guess he’d forgotten he used the same excuse when he called his boss from my house. I think I need a new set of friends and beginning to get tired at Leo’s excuse。

  Questions 29-31 are based on the passage you’ve just heard。

  Q29. What does the speaker tell us about her friend Leo?

  Q30. What did his girlfriend do when Leo canceled the date with her at the last minute?

  Q31. What favor did the speaker asked Leo to do last weekend?