Long conversation one

  W: Bob, do you know who I saw the other day? Old Jake, looking terribly depressed. Did he get pensioned off at last?

  M: Yes. They made him retire after 50 years at sea. He is pretty upset about it, but what can you do? He really is pasted。

  W: He is all alone, isn’t he?

  M: Yes, his wife has been dead for years. They had one daughter, Dories. But she went off to town as soon as she left school. And he hasn’t heard from her since. I hear she is making good money as a model。

  W: Maybe someone could get in touch with her. Get her to come back for a while to help?

  M: I don’t suppose she come. She never got on with her father. He is bit of a tough character and she is rather selfish. Oh, I expect old Jake will get by. He is healthy at least, comes into a clinic for a check regularly。

  W: Are you his doctor?

  M: No, my partner doctor Johnson is。

  W: That bad-tempered old thing?

  M: Oh, he isn’t bad-tempered. He just looks it. He is an excellent doctor, taught me a lot, and he has a very nice family. His wife invites me over there to supper every week. Very pleasant。

  W: yes. I teach their daughter Pen at school. She is a bit careless and lazy about her school work, but a bright little thing and very popular with her age group。


  19. Why does old Jake look terribly depressed?

  20. What do we learn about Jake’s wife?

  21. What does the man say about Jake’s daughter?

  22. What does the man say about Jake’s doctor?

2009年6月四级考试听力长对话题目(昂立版): http://insuns.com/article/18738-1.html