Lawyer: Mrs. Hodge, it's state law what do you want me to say?

Bree: I want you to say that for $300 an hour, you have some lawyer tricks up your sleeve to help me protect my business.

Lawyer: Surely you're not asking me to do something criminal? Mrs. Hodge, didn't you say you like to think of yourself as a good person?

Bree: Well, clearly, I like to think of myself as a rich person even more.

Katherine:Oh! Full house. Bree takes the high. Gaby gets the low. Split the pot.

Gabrielle: Oh, I hate splitting the pot.

Bree: Well, that's the rule. There's nothing you can do about it. So stop bitching.

Gabrielle: Well, you can't talk to me like that. I am the wife of fairview's Latino businessman of the year.

Katherine:Hey! So he finally won?

Gabrielle: Yeah. There's gonna be a huge dinner, and we're taking a picture with the mayor and his wife.

Susan: Oh, not necessarily. I hear they're getting divorced, and it's gonna get ugly.

Katherine:Really? How do you know?

Susan: The wife hired the sleaziest, most unethical divorce lawyer in town.

Bree: Oh. Who... who's that?

Susan: My ex-husband.

Bree: Oh, right. Karl's a divorce lawyer.

Susan: Yeah, and a total shark. The worst thing about our divorce was that I couldn't hire him to represent me.

Bree: But I thought you just split everything done the middle.

Susan: Oh, not with Karl. By the time he's done finding loopholes and hiding assets, there's nothing left to split.

Bree: You don't say.

Tom: Hey, ladies. Uh, Lynette, ahem. It's getting kinda late.

Susan: Are you kicking us out, Tom?

Tom: Uh, no. No, just reminding Lynette that it's, uh, ten minutes till midnight, Which means ten minutes till tomorrow.

Lynette: I got it. I'll be right up.

Susan: What was that about?

Lynette: Tom and I are reading this book that suggests couples make a pact to have sex every night for a month.

Katherine:Let me guess. Written by a guy?

Gabrielle: Was his name Carlos Solis?

Lynette: We've been having some problems, so the theory is it creates intimacy and brings you closer.

Susan: Is it working?

Lynette: I've gotta say it is. You become more attuned to each other's needs and more sensitive to...

Tom: Lynette!

Lynette: Jeez! Two seconds!

Bree: We... we should go.

Lynette: No, we're in our third week. We got this down to a science. Just deal me out a few hands.


1.up one's sleeve: 有...锦囊妙计,留有...一招。影片中Bree担心离婚会失掉她的一半家产,对律师说:“你应该钻法律的空子,帮我保住我的事业。”来看例句:

Have you got a canny card up your sleeve? 你有什么好点子吗?

Have you any ideas up your sleeve if our money runs out ? 要是我们钱用光了你有什么锦囊妙计?

2.Full house:(打牌时的)满堂红(三张同点加一对)。

3.sleazy: 低级的,卑鄙的,简陋的。提及市长面临离婚危机,Susan说:“他老婆雇了这镇上最没有道德的律师。”

The coat has a sleazy lining. 这件外衣的衬里薄而松。


play the shark 当骗子;做出欺骗人的行为。


legal loophole  法律漏洞

I had found a loophole.我准备钻个小空子。

6.kick out: 逐出。面对Tom的神经兮兮,Susan问道:“你是在赶我们走吗?”

Who you want to kick out? 你想把谁撵走?

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲之八: