The first step in exercising for most people is determining whether or not they should. This is particularly true with anyone over thirty-five, especially if they have been heavy smokers. Likewise, young adults who have been very inactive shouid proceec slowly and with caution. A physical evaluation from a physician is recommended, preferably one that includes an exercise-stress test. While a person is exercising, a stress test detects cardiovascular(心血管的) problems that might not show up when the body is at rest. This is done by monitoring blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen consumption, and the heart’s electrical activity while exercising.

Whatever exercise program is selected, it is important to start with warm-up periods. These should include stretching exercises, jumping jacks(原地跳跃运动), or active walking. The idea is to increase heart rate and circulation slowly without placing a sudden strain on the heart or the muscles that are starting to work.

The next phase in developing an exercise program is to determine the amount of exercise that is enough to condition the muscles and cardiovascular system without overly straining the body. This involves taking one’s pulse and finding one’s target zone. This target zone, or safe-training pulse rate, is established by subtracting one’s age from 220 and then taking 60 percent to 80 percent of that total. If you are just starting to exercise 60 percent is recommended; 80 percent is recommended if you are already in good condition.

1.The author is primarily addressing ____.
A)a social worker
B)anyone who wants to take up exercise
C)any would-be sportsman
D)a physician who is in charge of physical checkups

2.What is NOT mentioned as a part of a stress test in Paragraph 1?
A)Watching the heart’s electrical activity.
B)Examining the blood pressure.
C)Observing oxygen consumption.
D)Increasing blood circulation

3.The word “overly”(Line 2, Para.3) in the context best means ____.

4.In order not to place much strain on the body, if you are a beginner and at the age of 45, the safe-training pulse rate suggested would be ____.

5.The author writes the passage mainly to recommend ____.
A)that heavy smokers should quit smoking for the sake of their health
B)that we should proceed with warm-up periods after doing exercises
C)that young adults should live an inactive life instead of doing exercises
D)that we should take up physical exercises in the light of our physical condition

1.B)anyone who wants to take up exercise. 从原文第一句The first step in exercising for most people is determining whether or not they should可以看出, 作者试图step by step地给anyone who wants to take up exercise提建议.
2.D)Increasing blood circulation. 参考原文第一段最后一句This is done by monitoring blood pressure(B), pulse rate, oxygen consumption(C), and the heart’s electrical activity(A) while exercising.
3.B)excessively, 翻译为“过量的”, 最适合.
4.A)105. 首先参考原文公式(220-age) ×60%~80%, 然后对照原文If you are just starting to exercise 60 percent is recommended得出算式(220-45) ×60%=105.
5.D)that we should take up physical exercises in the light of our physical condition.