“It hurts me more than you,” and “This is for your own good.” These are the statements my mother used to make years age when I had to learn Latin, clean my room, stay home and do homework.

That was before we entered the permissive period in education in which we decided it was all right not to push our children to achieve their best in school.
The schools and the educators made it easy on us. They taught that it was all right to be parents who take a let-alone policy. We stopped making our children do homework. We gave them calculators, turned on the television, left the teaching to the teachers and went on vacation.

Now teachers, faced with children who have been developing at their pace for the past 15 years, are realizing we’ve made a terrible mistake. One such teacher is Sharon Klompus who says of her students ----- “so passive” ----- and wonders what happened. Nothing was demanded of them, she believes. Television, says Klompus, contributes to children’s passivity; “We’re not training kids to work any more.” says Klompus. “We’re talking about a generation of kids who’ve never been hurt or hungry. They have learned somebody will always do it for them. Instead of saying go look it up, you tell them the answer. ittakes preater energy to say no to a kid.” Yes, it does. It takes energy and it takes work. It’s time for parents to end their vacation and come back to work. It’s time to take the car away, to turn the TV off, to tell them it hurts you more than them but it’s for their own good, It’s time start telling them no again.

1. By “permissive period of education” the author means an age ______.
A) when young children are denied admittance to grade schools
B) when vocational subjects are taught in schools
C) when children are entitled to adult education
D) when children are permitted to act of their own free will

2. We learn from the passage that the author’s mother used to attach importance to _____
A) discipline
B) creativity
C) school education
D) individual work

3 According to the passaqe,children are growing inactive in study mainly because _____.
A) they watch TV too often
B) their parents leave them alone
C) their teachers are strict with them
D) they tale on too many duties

4. To today’s kids as described in this passage,_____.
A) it is easier to give a negative reply than to give a positive reply
B) it is easier to give a positive reply than to give a negative reply
C) neither is easy ------ to say yes or to say no
D) neither is no easy job -------- to say yes or to say no

5. The main idea of this passage is that _____.
A) parents should set a good example for their kids
B) kidsshould have more  activities outside campus
C) educators should not he so permissive
D) it is time to be strict with our children

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