prior to在...之前 

quite a few 相当多,不少

rather than 不是...(而是) 

regardless of 不顾,不惜

right away 立即,马上 

side by side 肩并肩,一起

so far 迄今为止 

sooner or later 迟早,早晚

step by step 逐步地 

such as 例如,诸如

thanks to 由于,多亏 

that is (to say) 就是说,即

to the point 切中要害,切题 

under control 处于控制之下

under the circumstances 这种情况下 

up to date 在进行中

up to 多达;直到;胜任;取决于 

what if 切合目前情况的

what about 怎么样 

with respect to 如果...将怎么样

with regard to 关于,至于 

without question 关于,至于

with the exception of 除...之外 

without question 毫无疑问

word for word 逐字的