a series of 一系列,一连串

above all 首先,尤其是 

after all 毕竟,究竟

ahead of 在...之前 

ahead of time 提前

all at once 突然,同时 

all but 几乎;除了...都

all of a sudden 突然 

all over 遍及

all over again 再一次,重新 

all the time 一直,始终

all the same 仍然,照样的 

as regards 关于,至于
anything but 根本不 

as a matter of fact 实际上

apart from 除...外(有/无)

as a rule 通常,照例

as a result(of) 因此,由于

as far as ...be concerned 就...而言

as far as 远至,到...程度 

as for 至于,关于

as follows 如下 

as if 好像,仿怫

as good as 和...几乎一样 

as usual 像平常一样,照例

as to 至于,关于

all right 令人满意的;可以
as well 同样,也,还 

as well as 除...外(也),即...又

aside from 除...外(还有) 

at a loss 茫然,不知所措

at a time 一次,每次 

at all 丝毫(不),一点也不

at all costs 不惜一切代价 

at all events 不管怎样,无论如何

at all times 随时,总是 

at any rate 无论如何,至少

at best 充其量,至多

at first 最初,起先

at first sight 乍一看,初看起来 

at h 在手边,在附近
at heart 内心里,本质上

at home 在家,在国内

at intervals 不时,每隔... 

at large 大多数,未被捕获的

at least 至少

at last 终于

at length 最终,终于

at most 至多,不超过

at no time 从不,决不

by accident 偶然

at one time 曾经,一度;同时 

at present 目前,现在

at sb's disposal 任...处理 

at the cost of 以...为代价

at the mercy of 任凭...摆布 

at the moment 此刻,目前

at this rate 照此速度 

at times 有时,间或

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