Conversation One

M:Good morning, madam!

W: Good morning, doctor!

M:Is there anything I can do for you? You look rather pale.

W: I had a horrible sleep last night!

M:What is exactly going on with you?

W: Well, everyday I feel very tired in the day time.I even nod off while at work.It’s really hard for me to focus my attention on work.But at night, I couldn’t fall asleep at all.

M:I see.Do you take sleeping pills to help you fall asleep?

W: Yes, at the very beginning, I tried to take some pills.But it seems the pills won’t work on me anymore.

M:You should stop taking the pills immediately.Why didn’t you come here earlier? It is very risky for you take pills by yourself.

W: I’m up to my neck in work.But just recently, I feel I was no longer able to concentrate on my work.

M:If you continue to treat yourself like that, I’m afraid the situation will become a lot worse.

W: What should I do, doctor?

M:I think you’d better leave work for two weeks and have a good rest.I know it must be very hard for you to do this, but there is no other choice.

W: I really can’t take days off from work.How about taking pills? Will it help?

M:To tell the truth, your situation now is very serious.Even if you leave work and rest at home, it will take a long time for you to recover.By taking pills only, there might be other risks for your health.You’d better consider this seriously!

W: Err... You are right, doctor.Thanks for reminding me of that! After all, it is no use crying over split milk.

Q1.What problem did the woman have?

Q2.What do we know about the pills the woman was taking?

Q3.What suggestion did the doctor give?

Q4.What did the woman mean by saying “it is no use crying over split milk”?

Conversation Two

W: Hello, may I speak to John please?

M:Speaking! Who’s that?

W: It’s Grace here.How have you been?

M:Oh, hi, Grace! I’m fine! Thanks.

W: I’m calling to invite you to dinner this Saturday in my house.Are you free then?

M:Sure! And I’d love to come.By the way, is this Saturday a special occasion?

W: Oh, you can say so.I’m moving out on Sunday, so I invite all my good friends to have a farewell dinner in my house.

M:You are moving out! I can’t believe it.It is so sudden!

W: Yes, it may sound a bit sudden.I bought a new apartment.

M:Congratulations! So, what is your new apartment like?

W: It is a newly built apartment, 3 blocks away from my present place.I live on the top floor—that is to say on the 16th.

M:That sounds great! But don’t you feel it is a bit too high? You know, on the top!

W: That’s exactly why I love the apartment! There’s a roof garden for each top?layer apartment.The light condition is also very good there.

M:Oh, there is a garden! How amazing!

W: And the window view is also very nice! I can see the mountains far away! After I settle down there I will sure invite you to come!

M:I’m looking forward to that! Oh, if you need someone to help you with the moving, I’ll be there!

W: No, I’ve already made my arrangement.Thanks anyway! But if you are free on Saturday afternoon, could you please come and help me with the cooking? My friends love your recipes.But if you are not, never mind! That’s all I ask!

M:Sure! I’ll see you then!

Q5.What does the woman ask the man to do?

Q6.What does the woman most care about the new apartment?

Q7.What can we know at the end of the conversation?

Practice 3

Questions 1 to 4 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

1.A.He broke his car in an accident.

B.He borrowed his car to his friend.

C.He had his car stolen.

D.He stopped driving his car.

2.A.He felt nothing different from driving a car.

B.He felt very tired when he reached his working place.

C.He had to drink coffee to stay energetic.

D.He no longer needed coffee to stay energetic.

3.A.Because before he rides to work, he often neglected what was happening around.

B.Because his life was unhappy before he rides to work.

C.Because he couldn’t see things clearly through the side windows.

D.Because he is fed up with his work.

4.A.Fresh morning air.

B.Interesting morning scenery.

C.Traffic jam.

D.Environmental protection.

Questions 5 to 7 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

5.A.The dog was given to him as a birthday present from his uncle.

B.The dog was given to him from his little sister.

C.The dog was given to him because dog and cat cannot live together.

D.The dog stayed with his sister for 5 months.

6.A.He suggests that Kate walk the dog outside for some time.

B.He suggests that Kate never leave a dog at home.

C.He suggests that Kate give up raising the dog.

D.He suggests that Kate leave the dog in the living room.

7.A.We should wash the dog as frequently as possible.

B.We had better feed the dog the best food.

C.We should take it to the vet only when the dog is sick.

D.We should put our heart into the dog.


1.【参考答案】 D

【试题分析】 Susan问Peter他的车去哪里了,是被偷了还是坏了。Peter回答说“I give up driving to work.Instead, I ride to my working place”,因此,正确答案为D,“停止开汽车”。

2.【参考答案】 D

【试题分析】 对话中Peter说“It is a totally different picture on my way to work”,意思是“在路途上有了全新的感受”,因此A选项不正确。B选项和C选项正好与对话的内容相反,Peter的意思可归纳为“骑自行车上班可以一路呼吸到新鲜空气,到了工作地点感觉很有活力,再也不需要借助咖啡来提神”。因此,正确答案为D选项。

3.【参考答案】 A

【试题分析】 题目问到“为什么Peter说看见了真实的生活”?这道题考查听者的理解分析能力,需要听者稍作分析才能得出正确答案。对话中Peter说“I don’t have to see through the grey car windows”,表明Peter在以前开车时由于将注意力集中在前方的道路,因此会忽略周围发生的事情。而且汽车两边的车窗通常是灰色,因此驾车的人很少会去关注道路两旁甚至是周边发生的情况。Peter后来还用具体的例子来说明,如“parents sending their little kids to school, the elder exercising in...”由此可见,只有选项A最能解释这个问题。所以A选项为正确答案。

4.【参考答案】 C


5.【参考答案】 B

【试题分析】 A选项说狗是Kevin收到的礼物,而对话则说狗是Kevin妹妹收到的生日礼物,因此A选项错误。B选项为正确答案,因为Kevin说“... my little sister got Judy as a birthday present from her uncle, but...”。C选项所说的内容在对话中根本没有出现。D选项说“狗在妹妹那里呆了5个月”,实际上这“5个月”是狗的年龄。因此D选项也是错误的。

6.【参考答案】 A

【试题分析】 Peter说“... you’d better walk the dog outside for a while”,因此A项符合题意。B选项错误,因为Peter说“最多不超过一天”,而不是B选项所说的“never” 。C选项也是错误的,因为Peter的意思是“如果总是十分忙碌就干脆不要养”。至于D选项,它与文章中的“Remember to keep it from the bedroom and living room”相冲突。注意“keep....from...”是“把...与...分开”的意思。

7.【参考答案】 D

【试题分析】 对话最后的部分包含了很多重要的信息。A选项错误,因为不是“as frequently as possible”。B选项说“给狗最好的食物”,而Peter建议“给狗形成良好的吃食习惯”,所以B选项也是错误。Peter建议每年带狗去两次兽医院,而不是C选项说的只有在生病时在去看兽医。D选项跟对话中最后一句“In all, love and patience are the only things that matter to a dog”意思相符,所以D选项为正确答案。