Conversation One

W: Good afternoon, Sir! Is there any thing I can do for you?

M:Oh, yes, please! I’ve heard that Lisa’s new record is available now and I can’t wait to have one copy.

W: You must be a super fan of Lisa.

M:Yes, sure.I’ve tried several record stores but all proved in vain.They were sold out.This might be my last chance.

W: Let me check...I feel so sorry, sir.Lisa’s new records are sold out.

M:Oh, no, not again! I thought this store would be my last resort! After all, your store is the biggest one in this block.

W: I clearly remember there were several copies left this morning.Let me check it again.

M:Oh, please, thanks very much!

W: Sir, there are indeed two copies left, but not in this store.

M:What do you mean?

W: We have another store next block.If you don’t feel bothered to travel a bit longer and fetch it yourself, we can reserve one copy for you.

M:No problem! I’ll go there right now!

W: Wait please, Sir! I’m afraid you have to pay 10% of what the record costs in advance, as the reservation fee.Otherwise, we have no right to reserve any record.

M:I see...

W: But don’t worry, sir! The reservation fee will be paid back to you after you buy the record.

M:OK.I understand.So, do I have to go over the reservation procedure now?

W: Yes.Here it is.Please fill your information in this customer card and pay the reservation, and then you can buy the record in our record store next block.

M:Thanks a lot! I appreciate your help!

Q1.What did the man do one afternoon?

Q2.What problem did the man have?

Q3.What did the women suggest the man to do?

Q4.What should the man do before he gets what he wants?

Conversation Two

W: Hi, Jim! I haven’t seen you for quite a long time! Where have you been?

M:Hi, Susan! I’ve been traveling in the past two months and have just got back.

W: Really? Traveling! Oh, that’s the last thing I think you’ll ever do! I always thought you were more into staying indoors.

M:You were right! But I began to take interest in traveling only three months ago.I thought that might be a good way to inspire my writings.And it sure is.

W: Why do you think so?

M:Well, I had spent half a year in creating my new novel but I was rather unsatisfied by what I had written down.So I decided to pack up and set out to experience the rich life out there.

W: I see... So how do you feel about your travel, anyway?

M:It was so amazing! You have absolutely no idea of how many interesting people and stories I have encountered!

W: Oh, It seems you were indeed inspired!

M:Sure! I went to a very small village somewhere in southwestern China.It was a peaceful and beautiful place.I spent the whole two months there living with the villagers and experiencing their life.

W: That must be a brand?new story!

M:Yes! I was much inspired by their kindness, diligence, and, most of all, their optimistic attitude towards life.

W: So, you are going to include all this into your creation?

M:Not exactly all of that! I will base my works on their stories but I’d like to emphasize their optimistic attitudes.

W: What do you mean?

M:You see... People’s life are becoming more and more stressful everyday and they really need to adjust their attitudes to face all the challenges in life.So I plan to write something not only true but also encouraging.

W: That sounds an excellent idea...

Q5.What does the woman think the man likes to do?

Q6.What problem does the man have?

Q7.What may become the most important theme in the man’s new novel?

Practice 2

Questions 1 to 4 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

1.A.She has a horrible dream last night.

B.She is complaining a lot recently.

C.She is having some difficulty in getting a good rest.

D.She is tired of her work.

2.A.They were very effective.

B.They were no use at all.

C.They were very harmful.

D.They were no longer working on her.

3.A.He suggested the woman take some pills.

B.He suggested the woman work harder.

C.He suggested the woman get away from work and take a vacation.

D.He suggested the woman pay attention to her own situation.

4.A.She should blame her work for her sleeping trouble.

B.She should not work hard in the future.

C.She should cry for help when she feels uncomfortable.

D.She should begin to care more about her own health before it’s too late.

Questions 5 to 7 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

5.A.She asks the man to say goodbye to her friends.

B.She asks the man to arrange a dinner party for her.

C.She asks the man to go out and have dinner with her.

D.She asks the man to come to her dinner.

6.A.The apartment is newly built.

B.The light condition is very good.

C.There is a roof garden.

D.It is only 3 blocks away.

7.A.John can cook well.

B.Grace needs John to help her moving out.

C.John will help Grace on Saturday afternoon.

D.Grace is too lazy too cook.


1.【参考答案】 C

【试题分析】 对话中有很多信息都对此问题进行了提示,如“I had a horrible sleep last night!”,“I couldn’t fall asleep at all”,以及“I tried to take some pills”等都在说这位女士无法入睡,得到好的休息。因此选择C。对话中的女士虽然说“I had a horrible sleep last night”,但后面解释中并没有涉及“做梦”的问题,所以A选项排除。B选项和对话意思不符。D选项意为“她厌倦了工作”,实际上应该是“她在工作时感到疲倦”。

2.【参考答案】 D

【试题分析】 对话中这位女士说到“But it seems the pills won’t work on me anymore”。“work on”这个词组意为“奏效,起作用”。因此D选项为正确答案。A选项对话没有具体说明。B选项不全面,因为一开始这位女士还是通过药片进入睡眠,不能完全否认其药效。C选项对话中也没有具体进行说明。

3.【参考答案】 C

【试题分析】 对话中医生说到“You should stop taking the pills immediately”,因此A选项是不正确的。B选项与对话意义相反,不正确。C选项与对话意义相符,因为“leave work”和“get away from work”在这里意思是一样的。D选项在对话中没有清晰说明,所以不正确。

4.【参考答案】 D

【试题分析】 “It is no use crying over spilt milk”这是一句英语谚语,意为“作无益的悔恨”。在对话中,这位女士经过医生的劝说最终意识到不应该视自己的健康问题为儿戏,否则后悔就为时已晚。因此,选项D和对话表达的意思最为相符,为正确答案。

5.【参考答案】 D

【试题分析】 Grace打电话给John说“I’m calling to invite you to dinner this Saturday in my house”,而并没有提出请John帮忙搬家的要求。因此,正确参考答案为D选项。

6.【参考答案】 C

【试题分析】 Grace在向John描述她的新公寓时说了很多公寓的特点,但是问题集中在“most care about”。对话中Grace说“That’s exactly why I love the apartment! There’s a roof garden for each top?layer apartment”。关键词“exactly”对应了“most care about”,因此C选项为正确参考答案。ABD三个选项描述的公寓特点并不是Grace最为看中的。

7.【参考答案】 A

【试题分析】 对话最后Grace问John如果有时间周六下午帮忙准备晚餐。John也说到时候如果有时间会过去帮忙,但是John并没有给予肯定答复。由此可见正确参考答案为A选项。