Practice 1

Questions 1 to 4 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

1.A.He was helping a woman copy something.

B.He was fixing a copy machine for a lady.

C.He went to a store to buy his favorite singer’s record.

D.He went to the store to ask for a job.

2.A.The woman refused to help him.

B.The woman was not professional.

C.He found himself complaining a lot recently.

D.He found he was unable to buy what he wanted.

3.A.She suggested that the man buy something else.

B.She suggested that the man come again next morning.

C.She suggested that the man give up trying.

D.She suggested that the man pay in advance and get what he wants in the next block.

4.A.He should go over some reservation procedures.

B.He has to pay more money.

C.He should buy a customer card.

D.He has to persuade the woman first.

Questions 5 to 7 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

5.A.She thinks he likes traveling very much.

B.She thinks he likes spending time at home.

C.She thinks he has no hobbies.

D.She thinks he likes enjoying life.

6.A.He finds staying at home is very boring.

B.He is too busy to go traveling.

C.He needs inspiration in his new works.

D.He is unsatisfied with his everyday life.

7.A.Beautiful natural scenery.

B.Optimistic attitudes in the villagers.

C.Stressful city life.

D.Villagers’ kindness.


1.【参考答案】 C

【试题分析】 对话设置的是音像店一位女店员接待一位男顾客购买唱片的场景。男顾客到唱片店购买自己喜爱歌手最新发行的专辑。在回答此道问题时,我们需要抓住对话当中的关键词,如“new record”, “available”,“copy”等。尤其要注意,“copy”并不是常用的“复印”的意思,而是唱片和CD等的量词。由此,可以得出C选项为正确答案。

2.【参考答案】 D

【试题分析】 对话一开始就有提示说“I’ve heard that Lisa’s new record is available now and I can’t wait to have one copy”,后来又说“I’ve tried several record stores but all proved in vain.They were sold out。”在听录音时,要注意听关键词“available”,“proved in vain”,“sold out”等。尤其是“in vain”,这个词组表示“徒劳”的意思。

3.【参考答案】 D

【试题分析】 对话中的女士在帮助男顾客查询完唱片信息后发现在她们下一个街区的店铺内尚有两张剩余的唱片,并建议他付部分唱片订金,再到另一家店面取货。对话中女店员并没有让男顾客购买其他东西或者放弃寻找,因此排出AC选项。B)选项说的是女店员在当天上午的时候还发现店内有两张剩余唱片,但到下午已经出售完毕,而并不是建议那顾客第二天上午再来购买,因此B选项错误。根据对话中的信息“We have another store next block.If you don’t feel bothered to travel a bit longer and fetch it yourself, we can reserve one copy for you”,从中可以得出D选项为正确选项。

4.【参考答案】 A

【试题分析】 对话中女店员说“...we can reserve one copy for you”,以及“I’m afraid you have to pay 10% of what the record costs in advance, as the reservation fee”,因此可以容易得出A选项正确。B选项错在顾客并不需要多付,而是提前交一些订金,之后“The reservation fee will be paid back to you after you buy the record”。C错在并不是让顾客买“customer card”,而是“填写”。 D项明显错误。

5.【参考答案】 B

【试题分析】 注意在对话中说到的“I always thought you were more into staying indoors”。这里的词组“ be into sth.”意为“对什么感兴趣; 对什么着迷”。B选项“spending time at home”与对话中“staying indoors”相对应。因此选B。A选项中“喜欢旅行”只是Jim最近开始感兴趣的爱好。C选项明显错误。而D在对话中没有提及。

6.【参考答案】 C

【试题分析】 对话中先说到“I thought that might be a good way to inspire my writings”,后来又说“rather unsatisfied by what I had written down”。因此,作者面临的问题是写作缺乏灵感。

7.【参考答案】 B

【试题分析】 正确答案选B。对话中说到“much inspired by..., most of all, their optimistic attitude towards life”,后来又说“but I’d like to emphasize their optimistic attitudes”。因此B项为正确选项。A、D项只是当地的一个特点,Jim没有说是否自然美景和友善的村民作为作品的主题。C中压力很大的生活是对城市的描述,不会成为Jim新作的主题。