1.Words and Expressions
  台湾同胞Taiwan compatriots
  定期存款fixed (time) deposit
  活期存款current deposit
  交易会/展览会/贸易博览会trade fair
  科技实力scientific and technological strength
  外贸出口foreign trade export
  高技术产品high-tech products
  外向型经济export-oriented economy
  分期付款installment payment
  回扣kickback (sales commission)
  按揭购房buy an apartment on a mortgage
  消费信贷consumer credit
  和平统一the peaceful reunification
  分裂活动separatist activities
  公积金puclic accumulation funds; public reserve funds
  出口创汇能力the capacity to earn foreign exchange through exports
  台海局势紧张。Tension across the Taiwan Straits has been running high.
  台湾是中国神圣领土不可分割的一部分。Taiwan is an inalienable part of territory of China.
  我们不承诺放弃使用武器。We do not undertake to renounce the use of force.
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