1.  As we can no longer wait for the delivery of our order, we have to ______ it. 
2.  The relatives of those killed in the crash got together to seek ______. 
3.  The old couple decided to ______ a boy and a girl though they had three children of their own.
4.  Though ______ in a big city, Peter always prefer to paint the primitive scenes of country life.
5.  To ______ for his unpleasant experiences he drank a little more than was good for him.

[A] postpone    [B] adopt       [C] premium    [D] cancel
[E] adapt       [F] compensate   [G] raised      [H]compensation

1.选[D]。[题意] 我们无法再等所定的货物,因此不得不取消订单。
cancel        vt.取消,废除;抵消;删去
[搭配] cancel the meeting/ interview/ the order 取消会议/面试/订单;cancel the contract/ agreement 终止合同/协约;cancel a check/ stamp 支票/邮票作废
[范例] We'll have to count on good weather. But if it does rain, the whole thing will have to be cancelled. 我们希望会有好天气,但是如果真的下雨,所有的安排都将被取消。[02.6 听力]

2.选[H]。[题意] 撞机事件中的受害者的亲属联合起来要求补偿。
compensation  n.补偿(或赔偿)的款物;补偿,赔偿
[搭配] claim/ award/ receive compensation 要求/潘给/得到赔偿金;pay compensation for injuries at work 支付工伤赔偿金
[范例] The relatives of those killed in the crash got together to seek compensation. 撞机事件中的受害者的亲属联合起来要求补偿。
3.选[B]。[题意] 这对老夫妇已有三个孩子,但他们还是决定再收养一个男孩和一个女孩。
adopt         vt.收养;采取,采纳,采用;正是通过,批准
[趣记] 把adopt中的“o”想象成一个光头小和尚,老和尚收养小和尚,这样来区别记忆adapt。
[搭配] adopt a child/pet 收养孩子/宠物;adopt line/policy/system 采用方针/政策/体系
[范例] The company has adopted a flexible work schedule. 公司采取弹性工作时间上下班。

4.选[G]。[题意] 尽管在大城市中长大,彼得总是更喜欢描绘乡村生活的原始景色。
raise         vt.养育,饲养,种植
[搭配] raise children 抚养孩子;raise cattle 饲养家畜;raise corn 种玉米
[范例] He raises his family with his little imcome. 他用自己微薄的收入养家。

5.选[F]。[题意] 他借酒消愁,喝得超过常量。
compensate    v.抵消,补偿,弥补
[搭配] compensate you for any damage done to your house 补偿对你的房子所造成的任何损失;compensate for losing one's son 补偿某人失去儿子的损失
[范例] Nothing can compensate for the loss of time. 废度光阴是无法补偿的(光阴一去不复返)。
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