1. The computer revolution may well change society as ______ as did the Industrial Revolution.
A) certainly B) insignificantly C) fundamentally D) comparatively
2. A lot of ants are always invading my kitchen.They are a thorough ______ .
A) nuisance B) trouble C) worry D) anxiety
3. As we can no longer wait for the delivery of our order, we have to _______it.
A) postpone B) refuse C) delay D) cancel
4. Young people are not _______ to stand and look at works of art; they want art they can participate in.
A) conservative B) content C) confident D) generous
5. Most broadcasters maintain that TV has been unfairly criticized and argue that the power of the medium is _______.
A) granted B) implied C) exaggerated D) remedied
1.选C。     [题意]计算机革命完全可能像工业革命一样根本上改变社会.
A)certainly          adv. 无疑地;必定;确实
[范例] They will certainly succeed.他们一定会成功。
[范例] "May I use your motorcycle?" "Certainly"."我可以借用你的摩托车吗?"行。"
B) insignificant      adj.小的;地位低微的;无足轻重的
[范例] This problem was insignificant compared to others she faced.
[搭配] an insignificant sum of money一笔微不足道的钱款
[搭配] insignificant chatter无意义的闲聊
[搭配] an insignificant face猥琐的容貌
C)fundamentally       adv.基础地;根本地;重要地
D)comparatively        adv.对比地;比较地;有点,稍微

2.选A。     [题意]我的厨房里总是有许多蚂蚁进来,它们是非常令人讨厌的东西。

A)nuisance            n.讨厌的东西(或行为、人)
[范例] The mosquitoes are a nuisance.蚊子是讨厌的东西。
B)trouble               n. 困难,麻烦
[范例] He caused a lot of trouble to his parents and was always in trouble.他给他的父母招来很多麻烦,甚为苦恼。
C)worry               n.忧虑,烦恼,令人烦恼的人或事
[ 范例] The worry showed on her face.她的脸上显出焦虑的神色。
              My father has a lot of worries.我父亲有许多烦恼的事。
D)anxiety             n.忧虑,不安
[搭配] cause sb. great anxiety引起某人非常不安
3.选D。     [题意]因为我们再没有时间等命令的交付,我们必须取消它。
delivery                 n.投递,传送
[范例] How many deliveries are there in your town every day?你们城里每天送几次信?
[范例] We guarantee prompt delivery of goods.我们保证立即交货。
[搭配] delivery of a criminal引渡罪犯
[范例] The mother had a difficult delivery.那位母亲难产。
[范例] He has an excellent delivery.他有极优美的演讲风格。
A)postpone             vt.使延期,延迟,延缓[(+to/until)][+v-ing]
[范例] They postponed sending an answer to a request.他们耽搁了对一项请求的答覆。
       The concert has been postponed to Saturday.音乐会延迟到星期六。
       The sports meet was postponed because of rain.运动会因雨延期。
[范例] postpone private gain to the public welfare把个人利益置于公众福利之后
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