An announcement to welcome students to join to a club Welcome to our club


Welcome to our club. There can be a rich variety of activities almost every week in our club. Since our club focuses on English language learning, we will hold regular activities such as English Corner (held every Thursday and Sunday), and some other activities like the Translation Competition (held twice or more each term and is very popular among our members).

If you join our club, you'll find you've made a wise choice, for our club can not only help you improve your English, but can also provide you with many opportunities to make new friends from every part of the nation (and quite a few members are from abroad, so you can enjoy a journey among foreign cultures without even visiting their countries). In short, our club is no difference from a realm of language learning and fun-enjoying.

So please feel free to contact us and be one of us. You just need to find a phone and give us a call. And then everything will be well arranged for you.