Welcome to our club! We "New Oasis club" aims at advocating environment protection and wildlife conservation. We quite appreciate your concern about our environment and we will organize such activities as follows.

Firstly, we have regular meetings and lectures focused on different issues every Friday; you may choose whatever and whichever you like. Sometimes we will invite some well-known professors, whose
speeches are very inspiring and exciting.

Secondly, we will organize a major activity every year. Last year we went hiking, which was refreshing and unforgettable for all of us. We hiked on the beach for a whole day, and spent our night in the camp. Although we were all exhausted, we were spiritually relaxed.

After you join our club, you can participate in any activities at a much lower price. Besides, you may get some documents from us free. Please come and join us. Fill the forms on the table, and you will be one of us.

2007年6月23日英语四级作文范文3昂立版: http://insuns.com/article/16736-1.html