Part I Writing (30 minutes)


Some people are in favor of the program. Those who like it have their reasons. First, they think that the gala is of tradition to us. What's more, some feel that they can find nothing to do except watching this on the eve of the Lunar New Year. Besides, it is said that this is a good chance for a family to have a rest happily.

But others do not agree. People who dislike it have their reasons. Firstly, they say that they can find something else to do. Moreover, they argue that the spring festival gala on CCTV should not have been the most powerful program in this day.

There is some truth in both arguments. But it is likely to do more harm than good, if you maintain that it is the only thing to do at that night. Some more meaningful things can be found easily, such as parties, sharing views with families, etc.. There is little doubt that further attention will be paid on this issue.

It has been a hot topic for a long time whether the CCTV Spring Festival Gala should be cancelled or not. Many people advocate that CCTV Spring Festival Gala offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this traditional festival, for the Chinese all over the world can share the same happiness and excitement brought by the TV program. In addition, many performances are very impressive, and some can even positively affect our life value.

However, every coin has two sides. Some people hold that CCTV Spring Festival Gala should be cancelled. One of the most significant reasons may be that this form of celebration force people to spend the eve more passively. What’s more, a great proportion of the programs are not attractive enough.

As to me, my favor goes to the former opinion, because spring CCTV Spring Festival Gala gives us another option to celebrate this important moment. But it is really essential to improve the quality of the programs. And I hope some better forms of celebration will be created in the near future.(175 words)

The approach of the Chinese Lunar New Year poses a national issue concerning the necessity of holding the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Its established status is being challenged by a growing number of people, especially by younger generations. It is increasingly difficult to cater for all tastes.

Some individuals deem that it should be canceled or replaced by other programs. These young people focus their attention on other forms of celebration instead of immersing themselves in TV. Despite that, the majority of mid-aged people and senior citizens uphold the importance of the traditional performance. The most striking feature of this gala is its traditionally close link with ordinary people's lives. Most of people view this gala as an annual staple on the traditional Chinese Spring Festival Eve. They all have a restless night and glue their eyes on the television.

I am not supportive of the view that the grand gala should be abandoned. Undoubtedly, it plays a vital role in the celebration of Chinese New Year. To increase its appeal and meet young adults' need, the upcoming performance should invite some big names including super stars from Hongkong and Taiwan. We are all eagerly anticipating this unforgettable evening show.