A) To meet Tom Wang.
B) To work in his office.
C) To go to hospital.
D) To attend a meeting.

M: This is Tom Wang speaking. Could you tell me Mr. Smith’s schedule for tomorrow? I would like to meet him at his convenience.
W: Let me see. He’ll go to see his doctor at 8, and chair a meeting at 10 in the morning. Well, he will be in the office the whole afternoon.
Q: What does Mr. Smith plan to do at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning?
注:chair 主持
1、约人肯定约不到 make an appointment (约医生)
come up 突然来临
reschedule 重新安排时间
fit me in 安排
run out of coin 硬币用光
cut off 通话被中断
hang up 挂断电话
receiver 听筒
hook 挂钩
telephone book 电话簿
yellow pages 电话簿
yellow press 色情出版物
dial the number 打电话
look up the number in the telephone;
pick up the receiver;
drop the coins in the slot 投币孔;
dial the number you wanted.

A) She was afraid she might be kept too late.
B) She would have something more important to do.
C) She had to meet a friend of hers.
D) She was not in the mood to attend the party.

W: Hello, Steve. This is Susan. I’m afraid I won’t be able to come to the party. I was just asked to go to a meeting.
M: Do come after your meeting, Susan. Our party won’t be over until midnight.
Q: Why did the woman say that she could not join in the party?
注:be in the mood to do sth. 愿意做某事,有这种心情做某事

A) To write a check.
B) To find a telephone number.
C) To ring up somebody.
D) To check the telephone service.
W: I’m sorry, but the number you are dialing is not in service.
M: But that’s impossible. I just spoke to him this morning. Could you please check it for me?
Q: What is the man trying to do?
注:operator 接线员

A) The woman is being interviewed by a reporter.
B) The woman is asking for a promotion.
C) The woman is applying for a job.
D) The woman is being given an examination.

M: Now, I'm going to start off by asking you a difficult question. Why would you like to get this post?
W: Well-first of all I know that your firm has a very good reputation. Then I've heard you offer good opportunities for promotion for the right person.
Q: What do we know from this conversation?
1、信息来源:newspaper 报纸: classified ad. 分类广告, help and wanted section 供求关系版
bulletin board公告板
flier 传单
4、面试:携带证明 identification、证书 certificate;确定你是否有资格qualification (be qualified for some post; be up to 胜任);推荐信 reference letter

A) His car was hit by another car.
B) He was hurt while playing volleyball.
C) He fell down the stairs.
D) While crossing the street, he was hit by a car.

W: Did you hear Mike is in hospital with head injuries and a broken arm?
M: Yes, apparently he was struck by another vehicle and turned completely over.
Q: What happened to Mike?

A) Took a photo of him.
B) Bought him a picture.
C) Held a birthday party.
D) Bought him a frame for his picture.

M: Could you help me to decide what I should buy for my brother's birthday?
W: Remember, you took a picture of him at his last birthday party? Why not buy him a frame so that he can fix the picture in it.
Q: What did the man do last year for his brother's birthday?
注:提醒模式 remember, first, today, now (right now)

A) Women's rights in society.
B) The woman's job is a librarian.
C) An important election.
D) Career planning.

W: We all talk about how liberated we are, but in fact women are still not equally treated.
M: I don't think so. You've got the vote, you've got your careers-I think you've got everything important.
Q: What are they arguing about?
注:liberated 自由的,被解放了的
free 免费的(选项中反义替换 pay),有空闲时间的(选项中反义替换 busy)。
Statue of Liberty 自由女神

A) She totally agrees with him.
B) She thinks it is easier said than done.
C) She feels that what he says is simply nonsense.
D) She thinks that he is rather impolite person.

M: It's partly your own fault. You should never let in anyone like that unless you're expecting him.
W: It's all very well to say that, but someone comes to the door and says "electricity" or "gas" and you automatically think he is OK, especially if he shows you a card.
Q: How does the woman feel about the man's remarks?
注:fault 过失
It's all very well to say that. 说起来容易。
It is easier said than done. 说起来容易,做起来难。

A) The woman thanks the man for his efforts.
B) The woman thinks that everything was all right.
C) The woman blames the man for his absence.
D) The woman doesn't think it was the man's fault.

M: Look, I'm sorry I didn't turn up for the match yesterday, but it wasn't really my fault, you know.
W: It's all very well saying it wasn't your fault, but thanks to you we lost 10 to 1.
Q: What do we learn from the conversation?
注:thank to 由于
新东方英语四级听力笔记三(非常完整版): http://insuns.com/article/16414-1.html