A) He can’t find his new apartment.
B) He had a bigger apartment before.
C) He finds the new apartment too big for him.
D) He’s having a hard time finding an apartment.

W: How do you find your new apartment?
M: Well, it’s quite nice really, although I have a hard time getting used to living in a big place.
Q: What is the man’s problem?
注: 1. dormitory 宿舍
apartment 公寓
2. How do you find ...= How do you like...
3. be used to doing sth. 习惯于做某事 选项中找be accustomed to doing sth.或adapt
used to do sth 过去常常 选项中找 was always 或找否定句 now

A) He meant she should make a phone call if anything went wrong.
B) He meant for her just to wait till help came.
C) He was afraid something would go wrong with her car.
D) He promised to give her help himself.

W: Could you tell me what I should do if my car breaks down?
M: Well, I'm sure you won't have any trouble, Mrs. Smith, but if something should happen, just call this number. They'll see that you get help.
Q: What does the man really mean?
注:谈论车的最大话题一定是坏掉 break down。

A) He has edited three books.
B) He has bought the wrong book.
C) He has lost half of his money.
D) He has found the book that will be used.

M: Hey, Louise, I've got a used copy of our chemistry textbook for half price.
W: I'm afraid you wasted your money, yours is the first edition, but we're supposed to be using the third edition.
Q: What has the man done?
注:used book 二手书,旧书
开学:orientation 新生培训 freshman/ fresher 大一新生
sophomore 大二 junior 大三 senior 大四

A) She wants to return the skirt her husband bought.
B) She wants to buy another skirt.
C) She wants to change the yellow skirt for a blue one.
D) She wants to change the blue skirt for a yellow one.

M: Now, what's your problem, Madam?
W: Oh, yes. My husband bought this yellow skirt here yesterday. It is very nice, but it's not the colour I want. Have you got any blue ones?
Q: What does the woman want to do?
注:1. 蓝色情节
blue 服装最喜欢的颜色
dark blue 深蓝
light blue 浅蓝
navy blue 海军蓝
navy 常用这个词表示蓝色
pink 红色习惯用这个词表示
2. 羊毛情节wool
down jacket 羽绒服

A) It's too windy.
B) The people there are terrible.
C) The air is polluted.
D) The beaches are dirty.

W: The place I've heard so much about is Los Angeles. The climate is pretty good. Year-round flowers, year-round swimming. How do you like it?
M: Well, the beaches are beautiful. But the people there are terribly annoyed by the dirty air. I mean, the combination of fog, smoke and automobile exhaust. There is not enough wind to blow it away.
Q: What does the man think of Los Angeles?

A) The apartment is better furnished.
B) She prefers to live in a quiet place.
C) It's less expensive to live in an apartment.
D) She finds her roommates difficult to get along with.

M: I hear you are moving to an apartment. Can you tell me why?

W: Actually, I didn’t want to move. It would be more expensive to live outside the college. But I just can’t bear the noise made by the people living next door.
Q: Why does the woman want to move?
注:1. 口语中现在进行时表将要
2. must 表猜测
have got to do 表应该,必须

A) He didn't buy anything.
B) He got some medicine for his foot.
C) He was sick and couldn't go shopping.
D) He bought everything except the football.

W: Did you go shopping this afternoon?
M: Yes, but all I got was a sore foot.
Q: What does the man mean?
注:sore foot 脚疼
sore throat 嗓子疼

A) She didn't know her daughter could sing so well.
B) She sings better than her daughter.
C) She doesn't like her daughter.
D) She herself doesn't have a good voice.

M: I heard your daughter sing at the school concert last night. She has a lovely voice, I must say.
W: Thank you, but I don’t know where she gets it.
Q: What does the woman probably mean?

A) He finds history books difficult to understand.
B) He has to read a lot of history books.
C) He doesn't like the history course.
D) He has lost his history book.

W: Why are you so tired and upset?
M: I’ve been taking the history course this term. But the trouble is that I’ll never get through the reading list.
Q: Why is the man worried?
1. paper 论文;newspaper 报纸;文件;纸
research 查询资料(library)
2. presentation 口头报告 = report, speech, address
interview 面试(也需正式着装)
3. reading assignment 阅读作业
reading list 读书清单
typewriter(break down 坏了;ribbon 色带), printer, laser printer, laptop,
例如:1. I want to make a long distance call. When is the best time?
例如:2. Maybe I ought to subscribe to the journal. 捐献;定购订阅。
Why don't you save the money and read it in the library?
例如:3. A) To wear a heavy sweater to the game.
B) To postpone the game.
C) To change tickets.
D) To watch the game at home.
1. 地点;2. to do表目的;3. -ing;4. A and B结构,人物关系
What, Where, When, Who
例如:fine 罚款(校外交通;校内图书馆)
cashier 出纳(各个场景)
teller (银行)出纳员
ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) 自动提款机

A) He is still being treated in the hospital.
B) He has had an operation.
C) He’ll rest at home for another two weeks.
D) He returned to work last week.

M: How is your father, Mary? The last time I came to see you, you were about to take him to the hospital.
W: He came home last week. The operation was very successful. The doctor said he’ d almost recovered and could go back to work next week.
Q: What did the woman say about her father?
注:be about to do 正要做某事
3、有病耽误课 miss the class
1、生病 get ill
2、睡过头 over sleep
3、traffic (车坏了,或者交通的问题)
operation 手术
infirmary (校内)医务室;cafeteria 饭堂;tuition 学费
treat, treatment 治疗(过程)
cure 治愈(结果)
[study, learn; search, find; try, manage]
clinic 诊所
ward 病房
student health center 学生健康中心
medical center 医疗中心
prescribe 开处方;preview 预习;interview 面试;international 国际的
fill the prescription 抓药
refill the prescription 再抓药
check out 办理出院手续
emergency department 急诊室
新东方英语四级听力笔记二(非常完整版): http://insuns.com/article/16413-1.html