A) The woman enjoyed the movie very much.
B) The woman saw a horror movie.
C) The man asked the woman to be careful at night.
D) The man went to the show with the woman.

W: I still can’t get over the show last Saturday evening. I keep having frightening dreams all night.
M: So, next time before you walk into a theatre, make sure what you are going to see.
Q: What do we learn from this conversation?
注:frightening dreams 恶梦
nightmare 恶梦
It's a waste of time.
It's a waste of money.
It isn't worth the price of the admission.
It has got an awful review.

A) It will take about one month to repair the watch.
B) The woman should have saved more money.
C) It is a good idea to keep the old watch.
D) The watch is no longer worth repairing.

W: I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my watch. It was just a month ago that I had it repaired.
M: Don't waste your time and money any more. It's a very old watch and is quite worn out.
Q: What does the man mean?
4、饮食方面:apple pie 一定好吃(代表美国的传统文化traditional American)
This picnic is as American as apple pie. 典型的美式野餐。
apple pie virtue 美国的传统美德
I took the last one and it was out of the world.
Even my mother's can't match this.
You wouldn't have to force me to take another helping.
5、不谦虚 self-confidence
注:1. figure out 判断出
2. worn out (物)破旧;(人)疲惫

A) Arguing.
B) Protesting.
C) Complaining.
D) Bargaining.

M: Oh, what a morning! You know, I had so much work to do and the phone just kept ringing. Three salespecople called me this morning!
W: I know how it is. I get a lot of calls too... even on weekends.
Q: What are the two speakers doing?
注:I know how it is. 表示同情。
I know how you feel.

A) Families with cars.
B) American's heavy dependence on cars.
C) Roads and highways.
D) Traffic problems in America.

W: You Americans are funny! It seems as if you were married to your cars.
M: Yeah, I guess that's true. The country is becoming one big highway. I was reading that there are about 4 million miles of roads and high ways in this country now.
Q: What are they talking about?
A) The apples and pears might not be so good.
B) The apples are not as good as the pears.
C) The apples and pears are very good.
D) The apples and pears are as good as they look.

W: I intend to buy some fruit for the children. These apples and pears seem to be in season. I'll get two dozen of each.
M: I hope they're as good as they look.
Q: What does the man mean?
注:1. pear 梨 pearl 珍珠
2. be in season 新鲜
supermarket 超市(便宜,日常生活用品supplies)
department store 百货公司(贵,衣服,家用电器appliance)

A) Customer and salesman.
B) Colleagues.
C) Employee and boss.
D) Classmates.

W: Hi! Jack. I just came back yesterday. Anything new while I was away?
M: Congratulations, Susan. It's said you'll be promoted to manager and become my immediate boss.
Q: What is most probably the relationship between the two speakers at the moment?
注:1. immediate boss 顶头上司
2. employee 雇员 employer 雇主
interviewer 面试者 interviewee 被面试者
payer 付款人 payee 收款人

A) The man is a forgetful person.
B) The typewriter is not new.
C) The man can have the typewriter later.
D) The man misunderstood her.

M: Isn't that a new brand of typewriter you are working at?
W: Oh, Bill. This isn't the first time you've asked me about it.
Q: What does the woman imply?
forgetful He is forgetful. Isn't he forgetful? How forgetful he is!
Absentminded slip one's mind
slipper 拖鞋 slippery 光滑的
shy embarrassed 窘迫的 self-conscious 自我意识的
keep to oneself keep one's mind/ thought consciousness 意识
outgoing sociable easygoing

A) There will be heavy fog in all areas.
B) There will be heavy rain by midnight.
C) There will be heavy fog in the east.
D) There will be fog in all areas by midnight.

W: It's nearly 10 o'clock. Let's listen to the weather forecast.
M: Here's the weather forecast. Fog is spreading from the east, and it'll affect all areas by midnight. It'll be heavy in some places.
Q: What's the weather forecast?
注:1. 谈论天气一般极端不好。
2. fog 大雾,浓雾 mist 薄雾
shower 阵雨 pour 倾盆大雨
high wind 大风 gale 狂风
blizzard 大风雪
3. let up 雨停了 clear up 天放晴
warm up 天变暖
4. super hot 特别热 burning hot 特别热
freezing cold 冰冷 icy cold 冰冷

A) She has been dismissed for her poor performance.
B) She has been fired by the company.
C) She has been granted leave for one month.
D) She has been offered a new job.

M: I'm sorry to tell you that you needn't come next week. You know, sales of our company have been poor recently.
W: I've always worked hard. Would you be kind enough to give me a month's time so that I can find a new job?
Q: What has happened to the woman?
找到工作高兴 失去工作伤心 拒绝工作奇怪 参见[P27-2]

A) To change the tennis shoes in the sportswear department.
B) To help his friend find the right department.
C) To find his lost shoes on the tennis court.
D) To buy himself a pair of tennis shoes.

M: Could you please tell me where I can find tennis shoes?
W: Yes. You can get them in the sportswear department on the right side of the store.
Q: What does the man want to do?
注:department store 一般会分楼层 floor
flour 面粉
broken string 球拍断线 restring 重新上线
serve 发球 return 回球
forehand 正手 backhand 反手
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