A) He is often asked to go and see exhibits.
B) He would like to go and see the exhibit.
C) He went to see the exhibit last year.
D) He definitely does not want to go.

W: Would you like to go and see the new exhibit with us?
M: That's the last thing in the world I ever want to do.
Q: What does the man mean?
8. M: What is Mr. Peterson going to do with his old house on London Road, rent it or sell it?
M: I heard he's thinking of turning it into a restaurant, which isn't a bad idea because it's still a solid building.
Q: What will Mr. Peterson do with his old house?
9. M: How do you like Professor Bockman's course on the History of Philosophy? He is a distinguished scholar on that subject.
M: He is a great teacher, but I'm having a hard time with the reading list. I feel I can't ever finish it.
Q: What problem does the woman have with the course?
but 题型
10. W: Robert wants to know if he can go with us to the party.
M: That's odd. This morning he said he wanted to go by himself.
Q: What do we learn about Robert?
注:That's odd/ ridiculous/ absurd
Section B Compound Dictation
President Clinton later today joins (S1) _______________ presidents Ford, Carter and Bush at "the president's summit for America's future" (S2) ______________ at recruiting one million volunteer tutors to provide after-school, weekend and summer reading help for up to three million children. Mr. Clinton will ask Congress this coming week for nearly three (S3) ______________ dollars to fund a five-year program called "America Reads".
The program would fund the (S4) _______________ efforts of 20 thousand reading (S5) _________________ and it would also give (S6) ________________ to help parents help children read by the third grade, or about age eight. During his Saturday radio (S7) ______________, the president explained why the program is important. "We need 'America Reads' and we need it now. Studies show that if the fourth-graders fail to read well, (S8) _____________________________. But, 40 percent of them still can't read at a basic level."
Volunteer tutors, who provide community service in exchange for college funding are being used in literacy and tutoring programs. (S9) _____________________.
The president says many of the Philadelphia summit's corporate sponsors will recruit tutors. (S10) _______________________________________________________________________________________.

S1--S7 考的是词 S8--S10 考的是句子结构:必须有主语和谓语
可以用阿拉伯数字 句子必须有主语和谓语 注意首字母大写问题
S8 They' re likely to leave school and not likely to succeed.
S9 The program, started by President Clinton, is criticism by Congress.
S10 Many universities are sending many students to support the program.
Section B
S1 former S2 aimed S3 billion S4 coordination
S5 specialists S6 grants S7 address
S8 They' re likely to drop out of school and less likely to succeed in life.
S9 The program, initiated by President Clinton, has come under criticism by Congress.
S10 Dozens of colleges and universities are prepared to send thousands of their students in support of the program.
Test 4-Passage Three BBC
Test 6-Passage Three Interview
Test 10-Passage Two American Movie

Section A
1. A) All the passengers were killed.
B) The plane crashed in the night.
C) No more survivors have been found.
D) It's too late to search for survivors.

2. A) Its results were just as expected.
B) It wasn't very well designed.
C) It fully reflected the students' ability.
D) Its results fell short of her expectations.

3. A) He believes dancing is enjoyable.
B) He definitely does not like dancing.
C) He admires those who dance.
D) He won't dance until he has done his work.

4. A) His computer doesn't work well.
B) He isn't getting along with his staff.
C) He didn't register for a proper course.
D) He can't apply the theory to his program.

5. A) Reading on the campus lawn.
B) Depositing money in the bank.
C) Applying for financial aid.
D) Reviewing a student's application.

6. A) A new shuttle bus.
B) A scheduled space flight.
C) An airplane flight.
D) The first space flight.

7. A) The deadline is drawing near.
B) She can't meet the deadline.
C) She turned in the proposals today.
D) They are two days ahead of time.

8. A) By going on a diet.
B) By having fewer meals.
C) By doing physical exercise.
D) By eating fruit and vegetables.

9. A) He enjoyed it as a whole.
B) He didn't think much of it.
C) He didn't like it at all.
D) He liked some parts of it.

10. A) It looks quite new.
B) It needs to be repaired.
C) It looks old, but it runs well.
D) Its engine needs to be painted.

1. W: Is the rescue crew still looking for survivors of the plane crash?
M: Yes. They have been searching the area for hours, but they haven’t found anybody else. They’ll keep searching until night falls.
Q: What do we learn from the conversation?
but 题型

2. M: How many students passed the final physics exam in your class?
W: Forty. But still as many as 20 percent of the class failed. Quite disappointing, isn’t it?
Q: What does the woman think the exam?
but 题型;替换题

3. W: Lots of people enjoy dancing, do you?
M: Believe it or not, that’s the last thing I’d ever want to do.
Q: What does the man mean?

4. W: Jim, I’m having difficulty with all the theoretical stuff we are getting in our computer course.
M: Oh, that part I understand. What I can’t figure out is how to make it work in my program.
Q: What is the man’s problem?

5. W: Did you see Mary somewhere around?
M: Yes. She’s in the campus bank applying for a student loan.
Q: What was Mary doing?

6. W: The space shuttle is taking off tomorrow.
M: I know. This is another routine mission. Its first flight was 4 years ago.
Q: What are they talking about?

7. W: When are we supposed to submit our project proposals, Jane?
M: They are due by the end of the week. We’ve only 2 days left. We’ll just have to hurry.
Q: What does the woman mean?

8. W: When I go on a diet, I eat only fruit and that takes off weight quickly.
M: I prefer to eat whatever I want, and then run regularly to lose weight.
Q: How does the man control his weight?
注:减肥:takes off weight, lose weight

9. W: John, can you tell me what in the book interested you most?
M: Well, nothing specific. But I liked it overall.
Q: What did the man think of the book?
but 题型;替换题

10. W: How do you like the car I just bought?
M: Well, it seems to run well, but I think it needs a new paint job.
Q: What does the man think about the car?
but 题型

新东方英语四级听力笔记十一(非常完整版): http://insuns.com/article/16406-1.html