Is Outer Space Worth Exploring 太空是否值得探索


  Almost everyday we may see something in the newspaper or on TV about the latest exciting developments in space exploration. There is an immense pride in our science and technology and a sense of its importance for the welfare of mankind.

  Not everyone , however, shares this feeling. Ever since space research began, it has been criticized as a huge waste of money and other resources, which might be used to help to relieve the suffering of the earth’s starving millions. It has also been felt that the space program might lead to the total destruction of the earth. Despite these disadvantages and potential dangers, the advantages are far greater. We have already succeeded in using satellites for communications, weather forecast and oil exploration and with further space research, more problems we are having now can be solved. For instance, with the success of space shuttles and the feasibility of living in other planets, we may solve the population problem on the earth. Space projects will also enable us to find a few chemical elements to cure presently incurable diseases.

  Space exploration contributes not only to the improvement of the quality of human life, but also to our understanding of the interdependence of all beings; and therefore, of the need to take better care of each other.