Olympic English (2) 奥运风情(2) 1998年汉城奥运会主题曲欣赏

Part 1 The Olympics and Beijing 奥林匹克和北京

Dialogue Script 1 对话原文1

Jason: Hello, Annie, you look very excited why?
Annie: Don't you hear the exciting news?
Jason: What is it? Come on, tell me!
Annie: Beijing will bid to host the 2008 Olympics.
Jason: Really?
Annie: Absolutely! I heard it on TV last night.
Jason: That's great!
Annie: Yes, Liu Qi, president of the Beijing Olympic Games Bid Committee said Beijing would host an unprecedented games, if Beijing had a chance.
Jason: I also heard He Zhenliang played a major role in developing Chinese sports.
Annie: Yes. He is a member of the International Olympic Committee, and he was president of the Chinese Olympic Committee, ever.
Ted: The Beijing Olympic Games Bid Committee is collecting the slogan of the 2008 Olympic Games. Do you know?
Annie: Yes, and I have posted mine.
Jason: Well, what's your motto?
Annie: Beijing Embraces the Olympics.
Jason: It's perfect. I expect the IOC will select Beijing as the host city in 2008.
Annie: Me too. Beijing, good luck!


1.bid这个词是申请的意思,举办2008年奥运会,就是bid to host the 2008 Olympics。

2.slogan和 motto都可以解释为 “口号”的意思,这里Annie寄出去的Olympic Motto是Beijing Embraces the Olympics. 北京拥抱奥林匹克。

3. 大家要注意的是奥运会是由一个国家的城市而不是由一个国家承办的,一个国家可以由几个城市同时提出 申请。

4.The Beijing Olympic Games Bid Committee是北京申奥委员会, 主席是刘淇。

Dialogue Script 2 对话原文2

Joe: What a fine day! What about taking a walk?
Megan: Good idea. Where do you want to go?
Joe: I'd like to walk on the street.
Megan: The street look clearer and the air is fresher recently.
Joe: Yes, this is the result of Beijing's effort towards bidding for Olympics.
Megan: Oh, what are the people doing over there?
Joe: They're building the Olympic Village.
Megan: Look! That bulletin!
Joe: Yes, there are "Beijing Embraces the Olympics", "Bid the Olympics, include me" in it.
Megan: Yes, these are our mottos.


1. bid for Olympics也可以表示申办奥运会,bid to host the Olympics也表示同一个意思。

2.奥运村:Olympic Village,在1932年首次在洛山矶出现了奥运村,以后历届奥运会都要为参赛的运动员们修建奥运村.

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