1. 广告给人们带来的益处。
2. 广告给人们带来的烦恼。
3. 如何正确利用广告的作用。


Advertisement can be a service to people. First, it is informative, and can help people buy and sell goods. Second, it can widen people’s knowledge, and make people more experienced.
Lastly, people can enjoy themselves through those programs which advertisements have been put into.

Some advertisements, however, are not very useful to people, sometimes even harmful. An advertisement like this, for example, may put thousands of women and girls into trouble.
“Disillusioned with life, love, marriage? You need help. Phone me.” And the Savior gives his phone number to his sheep.

In modern times, many advertisements are subjective rather than objective, persuasive rather than informative. The only purpose of these advertisements is to persuade people to buy their poorly made products. Therefore, it is wise for people to make sure the advertisements are telling the truth."
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