4.W: Daddy, I have decided to give up science and go to business school.

  M: Well, it is your choice as long as pay your own way, but I should warn you that not everyone with a business degree will make a successful manager.

  Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

  A) The man doesn't have money for his daughter's graduate studies.

  B) The man doesn't think his daughter will get a business degree.

  C) The man insists that his daughter should pursue her studies in science.

  D) The man advises his daughter to think carefully before making her decision.


  5.W: I just read in the newspaper that Lord of the Rings is this year's greatest hit. Why don't we go and see it at the Grand Cinema?

  M: Don't you think that cinema is a little out of the way?

  Q: What does the man mean?

  A) The cinema is some distance away from where they are.

  B) He would like to read the film review in the newspaper.

  C) They should wait to see the movie at a later time.

  D) He'll find his way to the cinema.
第五题考察的是固定搭配,固定短语,out of the way"偏僻,偏远"。但是如果说有考生不知道这个搭配的话,由于第二个人说的话出现了电影院,所以在所有的答案当中,出现电影院的有两个选项,我们选择的是电影院离这个地方有一段距离。

  6.W: Bob said that Seattle is a great place for conferences.

  M: He is certainly in the position to make that comment. He has been there so often.

  Q: What does the man say about?

  A) He's been to Seattle many times.

  B) He has chaired a lot of conferences.

  C) He has a high position in his company.

  D) He lived in Seattle for many years.

  第六题的答案仍然出现在第二个人所说的话中,in the position of"能够(做某事)"make a comment "评判",即使听不懂前半句,后半句中又说了原因"他曾经多次到过那个地方",所以答案要选择的是到西雅图多次。

  7.W: Mr. Watson, I wonder whether it's possible for me to take a vacation early next month?

  M: Did you fill out a request form?

  Q: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?

  A) Teacher and student.

  B) Doctor and patient. .

  C) Manager and office worker.

  D) Travel agent and customer

  第七题考察的人物之间的关系,只要能抓住语气和关键词(Mr. Watson, I wonder whether it's possible for me to)就可以判断两者之间是上级和下属的关系。另外还有fill out a request form。有一个干扰项是D,可以通过语气排除。
 8.M: Do you want to go to the lecture this weekend? I heard that the guy who is going to deliver the lecture spent a year living in the rainforest.

  W: Great, I am doing a report on the rain forest. Maybe I can get some new information to add it.

  Q: What does the woman mean?

  A) She knows the guy who will give the lecture.

  B) She thinks the lecture might be informative.

  C) She wants to add something to her lecture.

  D) She'll finished her report this weekend


  9.W: Wow, I do like this campus. All the big trees, the green lawns, and the old buildings with tall columns. It's really beautiful.

  M: It sure is. The architecture of these buildings is in the Greek style. It was popular in the 18th century here.

  Q: What are the speakers talking about?

  An art museum

  B) A beautiful park.

  C) A college campus

  D) An architectural exhibition


  10.M: This article is nothing but advertising for housing developers. I don't think the houses for sale are half that good.

  W: Come on, David. Why so negative? We are thinking of buying a home, aren't we? Just a trip to look at the place won't cost us much.

  Q: What can be inferred from the conversation?

  A) The houses for sale are of poor quality

  B) The houses are too expensive for the couple to buy

  C) The housing developers provide free trips for potential buyers

  D)The man is unwilling to take a look at the houses for sale.

  第十题答案落在第二个人所说的话上。以升调来表现强调,可以从第一个升调看出答案选择应该是男人甚至不愿意看一眼房子。Housing developer "住宅开发商"。
英语四级听力简短对话详解下-4: http://insuns.com/article/15677-1.html