Personal relationaships are very important. They
are the key of doing business in Arab countries. Try 1.__________
to identify the decision-maker regarding as your 2.__________
product or service immediatelyand get to know him
on a friendly basis. Do your homework. Be prepared to
discuss detial of your product or proposal. Be ready 3.__________
to answer technical questions.

Familiarize yourself to the Moslem and national 4.__________
holidays. Avoid a visit during Ramadan, the Moslem
month of fasting. Most Arab countries have a six-day
workweek from Saturday through Thursday. When matching 5.__________
with the Monday to Friday practice in most Western
countries, it leaves only three and a half workdays
shared.Remember this in planning your appointments.
Moslems do not eat pork. Some are strict about the
religion's prohibition for alcoholic beverages. If you 6.__________
are not sure, wait your host to suggest the proper 7.__________
thing to drink.

Wnen an Arab says yes, he may mean "maybe". When
he says maybe, he probably mean "no". You will seldom
get a direct "no" from an Arab because it is considered
impolite. Also, he does not want to close his options.
Instead of "no", he will say "inshallah", which means
"if God is willing". In the other hand, "yes" does not 8.__________
necessary mean "yes". A smile and a slow nod might seem 9.__________
like an agreement, but in fact, your host is being polite.
An Arab considers it impolite to agree with a guest. 10.__________


1. of → to
2. as → /
3. detial → details(or:every detail)
4. to → with
5. matching → matched
6. for → against
7. wait ∧ your → for
8. In → on
9. necessary → necessarilly
10. agree → disagree(or: Add "not" before "to agree".)
英语四级改错练习题 第003组: