e was willing to work there long.
l    one more time再来一下
├each time每次
├every time每一次
├at one time曾几何时
├yet another time又一次
├for a second time又一次
├once again再一次
└time and time again一次次
I’m far from smoking.决不
Smoking is the last thing I will do.
I have given up smoking.
It’s the same old story.那是老调重谈
It’s a long story.说来话长
stay up all night一夜未睡
= white night
claim to have done宣称做过…
a perfect figure身材很美
l    In time, 放句首译“一时间,最后”放中间表“及时”
└With time, 随着时间推移
This was indeed the case.情况确实如此
a short time age不久以前
l    否定词组肯定含义
├nothing but仅仅,只
├none other than正是
└no more than仅仅,不过
He’s none other than Mr.Wang.
He knows nothing beyond English.
l    brigade旅
└=attack insult污辱
Fearing my teacher, I dare not go to school.害怕…而不敢…
remain in hiding保持着藏
He died in poverty.死于(静态)
He was killed in action.
I think it my duty to protect the weak.责任,弱者
┌All these years这些年来
└For years, 数年
l    be anxious to do
├be afraid of
├be aware of
└be unaware of没有意识到
The young man works very hard, unaware of his bad health.
find it impossible to do发现不可能
l    经典口语习语
1. take one’s breath away太让人吃惊了
2. What’s all about? 怎么了?
3. That’s really something.真棒
4. be on edge(边缘)紧张
5. be chilled to the bone冻死啦
I’m frozen.
6. It came to nothing.不了了之
7. He is dead to the world.熟睡
*It never occurred to sb. that超级句型“某人从来没有想到…”
1. Farm labourers said that on waking up they would find work had been done.
*on doing…, someone would do / will do表示“某人一干某事就常常会干…”
2. ? employed a conscientious ghost, which did most of their work for them.
*which did在句中做非限制性定语从句
3. As he hated life in the army, he decided to desert…
*“军队的生活”应理解为“在军队里的生活”life in the army而不是life of the army
4. ? Eric had been killed while fighting with his regiment.
*during后可能跟名词,通常与in换用:during / in the holiday
5. Joe and Bob were the only other people who knew the secret and did not even tell their wives.
*主干是Joe … were…and did…
6. With time, it became an accepted fact…
*with time常用于句首,表示“最后,一时间”
*at the time当时
*on time准时
7. He was cons cripted during the Second World War.
*cons cript正式用语,表示根据法律或宪法征兵,公对本国公民而言
8. All these years, Eric had lived the life of a hermit.
*the life of a hermit隐士般的生活
9. He used to work at night, never realizing that he had become the ghost of Endley.
*原文中的be unaware of表示“没意识到,意识不到”,意思与never realize相同
*ignore (pay no attention to)表示忽视,也表示故意不注意“无视,不理睬” 
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